High Performance Moto Style by Blanc Noir at Carbon38

Here we go again…more dark fashion awesomeness…totally my kind of thing. As a fitness fanatic, I definitely love that side of the activewear/athleisure industry, as fitness kind of gives an extra bit of badassery to edgier apparel, if you ask me. It also makes this kind of style a lot easier to wear around on a regular basis, since activewear is meant to move with you and stay comfortable, and even wick moisture if you’re wearing it on a hot day. This also makes them prime items to wear out when I’m DJing or attending a late night party! I’m not really into wearing gym clothing on a regular basis, but sometimes, I can make an exception—if it doesn’t exactly look like it’s meant to be in a gym.

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Elevate Your Style with New Activewear from Carbon38

Elevate Your Style with New Activewear from Carbon38

Image: Carbon38

I have such a soft spot for activewear…way back over ten years ago when I first started my journey into fitness, I didn’t care much about clothing that I was simply going to sweat in and toss in the hamper. I’d frequent Ross for the cheapest items I could find, before I realized how much better I felt in pieces that were less bulky and more breathable. Back then though, there wasn’t as huge of an option for stylish and comfortable activewear. Over the years, I collected much more functional pieces that were definitely more stylish than before, but I still didn’t give gym style that much thought. Lately, as activewear made its way from the gym to the street in competition with the denim industry, there has been an explosion of amazing designs out there—it seems the sky is now the limit when it comes to creativity in designs within the athleisure market boom! I now have several pieces that I love so much that I don’t even wear in the gym at all, mostly from Zobha, a huge favorite of mine.

I wrote about Carbon38, an incredible online stop for high end activewear, about two years ago with a post about leggings I was seriously coveting. Since then, I’ve kept my eyes on their impressive growth. Not only do they have their own activewear line, but they also carry favorites from brands such as MONROW, Onzie, NSF, Blanc Noir, ALO Yoga and more. Unlike most shops of its kind out there, they take more of the edgier side, with gorgeous detailing such as moto and hardware accents, sleek wet-look fabrics, braiding, embroidery, and totally unique cuts. Their new Moto Collection, made up entirely of pieces by Carbon38 themselves, is a dream for a fitness and style nut like me…it’s all almost too awesome to sweat in! Here is a sampling of some of my favorite items from all new arrivals on their website, including some pieces from said collection.

I kind of want it all. Don’t you? Shop more amazingness from Carbon38 and other brands they carry here.

Printed Leggings by Carbon38

Printed Leggings by Carbon38

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s pretty tired of Facebook ads…while most simply mirror what I’ve been browsing in another tab (creepy yet awesome technology, actually), most just seem to be cheap knock-off sites and I barely give any of them a second glance. But just the other day I discovered Carbon38, thanks to an eye-catching ad featuring these marvelous printed leggings! Unlike most ads I’ve seen on Facebook lately, these are high end, and the real deal. I’d like to say they have the potential to give Kate Hudson’s Fabletics a run for its money, but apart from the two being entirely different business models, I might only feel that way because I spotted and coveted these leggings pretty much immediately after I saw one of those Fabletics sponsored posts. Either way, they seem to be doing pretty well, and I could see them growing rapidly if they aren’t already huge already. Following the trend of the activewear as everyday-wear that’s been going strong lately (and rivaling the denim industry), Carbon38 was developed by classically trained ballet dancers Katie Warner Johnson (who’s also a top celebrity trainer) and Caroline Gogolak to be “the most directional activewear-minded fashion on the market.” A panel of fitness and livestyle experts even test out all product before it goes out to the ultimate stylist: you. Carbon38 carries a full range of activewear, not just leggings, by several hand-picked brands like Onzie, SukiShufu, The Upside, Zara Terez or Koral Activewear.

At Carbon38, we believe in fashion that suits our modern, active lives, which is why we scour the globe to curate the hottest, most hard-working sportswear labels that make style statements from the gym to the streets and beyond. Our panel of fitness and lifestyle experts test-drives each product, ensuring its quality and utility. We’ll leave the styling up to you.”

These leggings are made of top-quality stretchy, soft, moisture wicking fabric (most are 80% nylon, 20% spandex) for your toughest of workouts, but are also designed to wear outside of the gym or be styled up as well. Carbon38 also features a Liquid Onyx collection, full of liquid latex-style leggings, sports bras, jackets, accessories and more, as seen below. Total love!

One of the most important things a brand needs to sell is incredible photography, and Carbon38‘s already got that nailed. I love some of the alternate images shown on several product pages, like these two!

I’m currently craving the Free Fly Graphic Legging by Onzie! It took me awhile to really fall for printed jeans, and leggings I’m still not so sure about, but these just might help me make up my mind…and I would DEFINITELY use them for the gym (I can’t put aside my beloved jeans for day-to-day wear), or maybe even to a festival or two. What do you think? How would you rock them?

Shop Carbon38 right here!