Comfortable and Stylish Joggers for Working at Home

Crazy times…right? I’m trying to see the silver lining while working at home due to this COVID-19 outbreak, even though I unfortunately have lost a lot of my work. I think we all did need a break and some downtime to re-evaluate our lives and get back in touch with ourselves, however. Many of us are lucky enough to have jobs that allow for working from home, but whether you are or not, I’m sure everyone is enjoying staying in their pajamas for most of the day! Although, I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that staying in my comfiest of comfy clothes sort of makes it tougher to be productive. I’ve heard many say that even if you aren’t leaving the house, it helps to get dressed, put makeup on, and stick with the general routine you did before all of this went down. I definitely have not been doing that, but I have been seeking ways to get my head into a productive gear while staying comfortable. So, I thought I would do a little search for some comfy yet super stylish sweatpants and joggers that might help all of you stay cozy yet productive while working at home!

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21 Side Stripe Skinny Jeans to March You Through the Summer

It’s always so amazing to me how different each pair of jeans are when the majority of the population still sees a pair of jeans like a typical blue piece of workwear. Premium denim has definitely come a long way since they emerged on the market and blew up in the early 2000s, and of course creativity is one of the major factors that keeps competition real and the best brands on top. Racing stripes are one of those cool designs that I’ve had my eyes on for a long time—I can’t really recall exactly when they became popular but I know it was a few years ago sometime. I’m going to make an educated guess that they came to be around the time activewear as streetwear grabbed hold of the market and gave denim a bit of extra competition! I failed to add a pair of jeans with side stripes for quite awhile, until I got to review the above pair for Mavi. I absolutely love this sporty looking style! It also reminds me of my days in high school marching band…which came to mind when I was coming up with the concept of writing about 21 side stripe skinny jeans to march you through the summer!

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17 Printed Jeans from Shopbop to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Being as obsessed with denim as I am, and having reviewed denim for Denimology and this blog since 2014, I have many denim styles. Of course, the classic blue jean takes up most of them since it’s the most common (and let me say, there’s still a ton of variety), as well as my all time absolute favorite wash, faded black. However, sometimes it’s fun to shake it up a little with a statement piece! Usually the thought of a chunky piece of sparkly jewelry pops up when thinking of such a thing, or maybe some eye catching heels. For me though, I often opt for a fun pair of printed jeans as something different to spice up an outfit when I feel like I’m in a style rut!

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Not So Boring Black Jeans for Fall from Shopbop

There are so many gorgeous variations of your traditional blue or indigo washed jeans out there, but my favorite shade lately has been a washed, or faded, black. Dark denim, especially black, is normally seen as a Fall shade, but I honestly love it year round. When it comes to black jeans, most people don’t think much in terms of variation…black is black, right? This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Last Fall, I published a post featuring my favorite dark grey and faded black jeans out there, and since this last month I found myself drooling over this shade again I decided I’d pay the topic a revisit.

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Coated Denim for Fall and Winter

Coated Denim for Fall and Winter

Images: Shopbop

The sleek, leatherlike look is always in, regardless of the season. I always like edgy looks, or pieces that look like they just came off of a long motorcycle ride or rock concert (from the stage side, of course) to balance out more casual outfits. Leather jeans were always kind of appealing to me, but I never owned any; partially because of the price, but also because of the fear of washing them or feeling too suffocated. There are always vegan leather options, but in my past experiences they only felt kind of clammy as the day went on, again not offering a whole lot in the breathability department. I know there are a lot of awesome new options, but I haven’t quite dipped back into that realm yet. However, when coated jeans emerged onto the scene, and I finally got to review a pair or two, I found a new alternative that I knew I could love!

Coated denim (also known as “waxed denim”) is regular denim with a layer of acrylic, resin, polyurethane or pigment. When done on a black jean, it really looks like a beautiful leather piece! Using denim allows them to be more stretchy, soft, and breathable for a comfortable all-day wear. I really love wearing them under a casual tee shirt or out on the town or a DJ gig! They can be kind of tough to wear in warmer weather, so now that Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner, my coated denim will emerge once again. The extra coated layer offers a bit of warmth, and I think they just look way too cool under boots. Most come in black, but there are some jewel-toned alternatives out there, which of course are great for Fall to match with the season’s colors! Some of my favorite coated denim pieces include already-loved denim styles like distressing and rips, and moto or zipper detailing. Here are a few pieces I’ve gathered to share with you that I think are great examples of coated denim.

What do you think? What are your favorites?

Denim Sale Roundup

Denim Sale Roundup - 3x1

Image: 3×1

As my denim obsession and side job in denim blogging advances and my denim nerd level grows, more and more people are always asking me what the average price of a reliable pair of jeans is, and where they can find the great deals. My immediate answer is to direct them to popular sample sale sites Rue La La, Hautelook and Ideel, which are my go-tos when I am in a shopping mood, but I get so many great sales in my inbox every week that I’d feel silly if I didn’t share them too. It seems there are more great deals floating around for current and would-be denim fiends nowadays than I’ve ever seen that it’s gotten to the point where you rarely ever need to pay retail anymore! So here are a few of my favorite brands on sale right now. Whether you are looking for edgy, chic, comfortable, or just a classic pair of jeans, you’re in the right place! Above is a brand that I still have yet to get my hands on, 3×1, which prides itself in being one of the best sources of selvedge denim around. You can bet on quality with this brand for sure! New items have just been added to their sale, so give it a look.

7 For All Mankind

Does this one really need an intro? It’s always exciting when 7 For All Mankind goes on sale. I’m always eyeing new styles in the Kimmie, which is a perfect fit for curvier bodies like mine. Check out the Contour fit for a contoured waistband or the slimming effect of the Second Skin Slim Illusion version. It’s usually a good idea to size down in the Kimmie style so keep that in mind if you are going for a pair! The brand also has a $99 denim section right now for more great styles.

AG Jeans

Denim Sale Roundup - AG

Image: AG

Another huge favorite…I’m a big fan of the AG Stilt jean! I always size down in this brand too, and it’s an amazing one for curvy shapes. I suggest the Angel for a great slim flare look if you aren’t into the skinnier styles. These fit so well without needing to be pulled up throughout the day and are so flattering! The stretchy fabric is super soft, too.

Level 99

Denim Sale Roundup - Level 99

Image: Level 99

Level 99 is one of my top ABSOLUTE favorite brands…they are relatively new to the industry and have made such an impressive impact on the denim market with their eco-friendly fabrics, wash processes and impeccable fits. Their price points are slightly lower than most premium brands, so when this brand goes on sale, it’s worth checking out. Check out the Tanya high rise for a great curvy fit (I reviewed this style here) or the Janice for a perfect figure-hugging super skinny fit. Level 99 also uses tencel fibers in their fabrics which makes for an ULTRA soft and stretchy feel. These jeans are so awesome!

Blank NYC

Denim Sale Roundup - Blank NYC

Image: Blank NYC

Blank NYC is killin’ it in the summer style department and has been seen all over the booties of festival-going bloggers everywhere. They are an amazing brand for quality at a lower price point, especially if you are looking for a little bit of edge or some chic distressed looks. Their sale section is always rocking, but there have been a few more styles added lately! If you are looking for something to add to your closet this summer without breaking the bank, this is a great one to check out. I’ve never had much of a problem in terms of fit with this brand, but I do size up one size as they tend to run small!


Denim Sale Roundup - Diesel

Image: Diesel

I don’t often see Diesel go on sale so this is a rare opportunity! What can I say about them other than the fact that they pretty much rule the out-there, totally unique and super edgy rockstar look. Diesel does offer a few classic styles, but if you are really looking to stand out with something that will turn heads, check this sale out! Diesel will bring out your inner punk rocker and you won’t look back. For sizing, I usually take my true size. Every now and then though, I size down. Every look and fit is different so I would read closely and check out online reviews before you buy.


Denim Sale Roundup - DL1961

Image: DL1961

I absolutely love this brand! I haven’t checked out many of their latest styles, but I did two reviews for them earlier this year: The Grace in Moscow and the Florence Instasculpt in Warner. DL1961 came out a few years ago as a revolutionary brand that finally answered the need for jeans that stick to your shape without stretching out. These are SO soft and definitely keep their form while holding you in! Take your usual size in these.

True Religion

Like Diesel, those that know True Religion know that they don’t often go on sale either. This iconic brand is offering 50% off select styles, so if you’ve ever been tempted by the idea of your own pair of horseshoes on your bum then this might just be the time to check them out! This style runs through July 8th so hurry now for the best selection.


Denim Sale Roundup - Joe's

Image: Joe’s

Joe’s has already grabbed the market’s attention as a great curvy fit jean that will last you for years and years to come! A ton of new items have been added to their current sale at up to 30-50% off, including denim, tops and jackets for women and men. Shop a wide range of collections including Music Festival Style, Sooo Soft, Spotless, Off Duty, 70s Inspired, Collector’s Edition, and so many more. There is a MASSIVE selection of both classic and edgy looks to fit whatever style, fit, texture, color, etc that you may be looking for so head over now…even if you aren’t inclined to shop at the moment, it’s worth a fun look!

Happy shopping, happy weekend, and happy Father’s Day!

Frayed Hems Beyond the Denim Short

Frayed Hems Beyond the Denim Short

The frayed cutoff short. Nothing new. We’ve all been sporting them and creating our own out of our old jeans for decades. Last year I discovered skinny jeans with raw hems after one of my favorite bloggers, Lorna of Raindrops of Sapphire posted about her raw hem 7 For All Mankind jeans (she later shared her AG raw hem leggings). I love the look! I thought it was just something those two brands were up to, until I got a newsletter a few days ago from popular denim brand J Brand. They have an entire line dedicated to raw hems, titled The Fray, which includes not only skinny, culotte and bell jeans but also jackets, dresses and denim tops! Initially, this post was just going to feature J Brand, but as I searched the net a little more, I found that the raw hem trend was on full force with a multitude of other top notch premium denim brands! I scoured a few shops until I picked out a few favorites and collected them all here to share with all of you…and to bookmark as wish list items as well. What do you think of this new(ish) trend? I think it’s about time I add a skinny jean with a raw hem to my ever-growing denim collection! I’m not sure if I’m that partial to the tops and dresses, but you never know until you try it right?

I was just about done with this post until I spotted these couture items on Shopbop…kind of beyond reach for many of us but still awesome!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite frayed denim look?

Eco Friendly Denim for Earth Month

Eco Friendly Denim for Earth Month

I’ll have to admit, I had no idea that April was Earth Month! I’m not sure what rock I’ve been living under, but whatever. Thanks Level99 for bringing this to my attention! I’m sure we can all admit that things are changing around our planet…the importance of being eco-conscious has been stronger than ever with various charities, grassroots movements, organizations, companies and individuals all standing up to make their mark in all industries. The denim industry is definitely one of them. In a Level99 newsletter, which is responsible for realizing the importance of this month, is celebrating with their expansive efforts to stay Earth-friendly. I have a few of their jeans, and I LOVE how super soft they are thanks to Tencel and modal fibers, which are manmade from sustainably harvested trees in a “closed loop” process that uses close to no chemicals or water (denim processing and finishing takes up a LOT of water). The brand also creates the classic fading and whiskering on their jeans using low compression lasers and ozone chambers instead of water. Read more about the brand’s initiatives here! Other bigtime brands have stepped in as well. DL1961 uses DLPRO fabrics in many of their jeans. “The extremely absorbent ProModal™ fibers cut the dying, washing and treating process in half, conserving water, dyes, energy and time.” Parker Smith uses eco-friendly cotton/tencel denim as well. AG is another that uses ozone technology instead of water and chemicals to finish their jeans and remove excess indigo (read more here). DSTLD, the premium denim brand that offers quality at a lower price by eliminating the middleman, uses eco-friendly fabrics and natural dyes and softening techniques. Another huge one to name is the Levi’s® Water<Less™ collection, which uses up to 96% less water than traditional denim manufacturing. Levis has saved 172 million liters with Water<Less™ finishing! Read more about this amazing initiative here. Read on to learn about more eco friendly denim for Earth Month!

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DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner Review on Denimology

DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner Review on Denimology

DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner Review on Denimology

I just cannot get tired of skinny jeans. More specifically, I just cannot get tired of DL1961. I’ve reviewed a lot of amazing skinnies here on Denimology and it really is hard to narrow them down to a favorite or two. Skinny jeans are meant to be flattering and to show off our assets, but they can be tricky, too, so I believe good stretch and shape retention technology is the most applicable with this style. Most people seem to enjoy skinny jeans in the colder months since they are easy to dress with a cozy, baggy sweater and tall boots, but I like a good skinny jean that will take me into the spring and summer too, so I can look just as good while out and about on those oh-so-nice summer nights! Today I am sharing a jean that I feel fits the bill, with a DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner review!

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