Michelle Chang Jewelry

Michelle Chang Jewelry

Lucky Breaks…one of my favorite morning-warm up tasks. Who doesn’t like a good drawing or contest now and then? My eyes were immediately drawn to today’s opportunity, a $1,000 shopping spree to Michelle Chang‘s super cute jewelry line. I hadn’t heard of her before, but I have a strong taste for simple but whimsical jewelry, so the picture of a gold Manta Ray pendant was enough for me to do some investigating. Michelle Chang is originally from Seoul, South Korea, but spent most of her time in NYC before moving to Los Angeles, where she now resides. Her childhood passion for drawing (hey, me too!) combined with inspiration from everything she sees on a daily basis along with a passion for scuba diving and other water activities helped her build up her jewelry line.

Michelle Chang’s gold, brass or silver pieces feature tiny gemstone accents and can be found in the form of octopi, skulls, cats, manta rays (my favorite) and other shapes like stars, hearts, or peace signs. I love the repeating motifs that I notice as I look through her store, the cat head being one…There’s the bangle below, then an infinity ring made all of those heads, then a few necklaces and more rings. I find consistency both adorable and appealing, and smart as a designer, so your work becomes more distinctive and noticeable, and fans are more likely to snatch up more than one piece at a time! I really dig the manta ray, as mentioned already, both in the gold and silver forms, their eyes adorned with tiny gems like diamonds or rubies. The octopus is a close second! Oh yeah, and then there’s the hedgehog ring…how frikken CUTE is this? I think they are all reasonably priced, too, considering the materials used, and the fact that these come from an independent designer.

Read up on Michelle Chang right here, and shop her pieces here!

Art Masters Bridal Jewelry

Art Masters

Classic Contemporary 950 Platinum .40 Princess Cut Invisible CZ Diamond Solitaire Azteca Ring by Art Masters

I don’t think there’s a whole lot to say about these Art Masters bridal jewelry pieces…the photos do all the talking!! How incredible are these? I don’t think the designer could have chosen a better name…he truly is a master of art. All of these pieces are Italian, Victorian, Aztec, French, Art Deco, Vintage (you name it) inspired, as the company states here. I am already married (we got our rings through Diamond Nexus, who deserve a post of their own, really) but I cannot decide whether or not I’d like to sport something so whimsical and elaborate 100% of the time. Maybe I need to get rich and get one in as many colors as possible to wear with different outfits and moods! Just amazing. I’d have to say the one above is my favorite…as it could go with anything, although it’s hard to settle on just one. I’d just be afraid of some of the colored ones, however, as they are colored rhodium plated over 14k white gold and need to be re-plated every six months to a year. Talk about high maintenance…the seller does offer two free platings per customer. But for a pretty piece for special occasions only, and if you’ve got the money, why not??

Art Masters

Other Art Masters rings

These rings are all handmade in Los Angeles and made to order in only 8 to 10 business days after completed payment. They are all designer priced (looks like anywhere from $450 for a band to almost $4,000 for the most elaborate ones), but I am just still so stuck on how awesome they all look TOGETHER. I guess that’s all for the better, as these will all have to remain as eye candy…for the time being, at least. I’ve never seen such creative bridal jewelry in my life.

Art Masters Rings

And even more Art Masters rings…I cannot narrow these down very well…

Visit the Art Masters Etsy shop here and feast your eyes on more of these visually-appealing pieces.

The Obligatory Festival Style Post

Festival Outfit 1

Fringe Kimono – Topshop, Red Ottoman Wrap Skort – Topshop, Flower Bralette – Topshop, Astrix Platform Lace-Up Boots – Topshop, Leather Mix Fringe Duffle Bag – Topshop, Black Sheer Knee High Socks – Topshop, Multi Row Beaded Bracelet – Topshop, Amazonian Day Necklace – UrbanOG

The Obligatory Festival Style Post

I think it would be a little insulting of me to scream “HEY everyone, it’s FESTIVAL season!” as if nobody has noticed yet…it’s kind of hard to avoid the barrage of media attention and fashion blogs and brands bringing up post after post after post about what to wear to Coachella and unless you’re living under a rock, you know that’s what this time of the year brings. But something else stood out to me instead amongst all the hype…it seems at one time, these festivals were all about your individual style, and yet so many of these getups all look a bit cookie-cutter now. Think “festival” and your mind probably jumps to high rise, crotch hugging, frayed diaper shorts, bodies covered in all sorts of crochet and heads adorned with feathers and oversized sunglasses, right? Is it just me or is everyone conforming to the same festival look, and simply trying to outdo each other? I mean, unless you’re Vanessa Hudgens and are paid to show up with your own team of stylists to follow you around dabbing off your sweat beads to keep you looking fresh around the clock, there’s probably not much competition. Granted, it’s hot out there (weather wise), and there’s only so many ways to dress lightly under the scorching sun while dancing your tush off to your favorite band or DJ…I’ll vouch for that myself. So, after diligently avoiding this subject for long enough, I figured I’d post up my take of the whole thing, with some items I’d wear from American Eagle, TopShop, UrbanOG and Lucky Brand. I hope I’m not being too hypocritical here, because of course these outfits have that festival look to them…but this is what I’d rock out there if I were headed to Coachella this year.

Festival Outfit 2

Circular Collar Necklace – Lucky Brand, Gimmicks by BKE Cardigan Duster Sweater – Buckle, Floral Multi Embroidery Belt – Lucky Brand. Topshop Underwired Bandeau Bra, MOTO Ripped Washed Black Jamie Jeans – Topshop, Alaska Harness Boots – Topshop, Suede Backed Mini Backpack – Topshop

And just because, I let my inner early-20-something out and crafted something for the younger crowd…

Festival Outfit 3

Rugged Lace Front Boot – American Eagle Outfitters, Wild & Free Trucker Hat – American Eagle Outfitters, AE High Rise Striped Shortie – American Eagle Outfitters, LST & FND Mickey Mouse Muscle Tank – American Eagle Outfitters, Festival Utility Belt – CosmicCelt (Etsy), Link Reaction Necklace – UrbanOG, Native Boogaloo Bracelet – UrbanOG

Shop links:

Outfit 1 – Topshop:

Fringe Kimono
Red Ottoman Wrap Skort
Flower Bralette
Astrix Platform Lace-Up Boots
Leather Mix Fringe Duffle Bag
Black Sheer Knee High Socks
Multi Row Beaded Bracelet
Amazonian Day Necklace – UrbanOG

Outfit 2 – Topshop, Buckle, Lucky Brand:

Circular Collar Necklace – Lucky Brand
Gimmicks by BKE Cardigan Duster Sweater – Buckle
Floral Multi Embroidery Belt – Lucky Brand
Underwired Bandeau Bra – Topshop
MOTO Ripped Washed Black Jamie Jeans – Topshop
Alaska Harness Boots – Topshop
Suede Backed Mini Backpack – Topshop

Outfit 3 – American Eagle Outfitters, Etsy, UrbanOG:

Rugged Lace Front Boot
Wild & Free Trucker Hat
AE High Rise Striped Shortie
LST & FND Mickey Mouse Muscle Tank
Festival Utility Belt – CosmicCelt (Etsy)
Link Reaction Necklace – UrbanOG
Native Boogaloo Bracelet – UrbanOG

Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion

Sustainable Jeans

Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion

I will admit that I am one that tends to form brand favorites before even checking to see how fair trade or eco-friendly they might be, even though I am quite aware and interested in the importance of those concepts. Even though awareness of the movement is growing fairly rapidly amongst mindful fashionistas everywhere, but we have yet to see all brands truly see its importance and jump on board. We’ve seen more and more companies each year abandon fur from their lines after a worldwide uproar once wasteful and cruel practices were unveiled to the masses (ugh, don’t get me started on the subject of fur. You’ll never see me dead in any of it), but although there is certainly an uproar about human rights and environmental issues when it comes to outsourcing and production, there doesn’t seem to be much of a change or acknowledgement made on the side of the brands. I ran into a good article that discusses the environmental side, from The Guardian:

“With such a strong response to animal rights in relation to fashion, why are more people not looking at the impact of the fashion industry on our living and breathing planet in the same way?” – Excerpt from “Fashion: do we care more about animal rights than the environment?” by Amy DuFault, The Guardian

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