Silk Lined Raw Denim by Koben

Silk Lined Raw Denim by Koben

Silk Lined Raw Denim by Koben

I’m guessing by now it’s no secret I like to help out the little guys with awesome ideas…I’ve previously featured two Kickstarter campaigns: Barbell Denim and Art Wear by Sociale Revolution. It’s fascinating to see what creative things people are coming up in today’s very competitive fashion world!! I just stumbled across another great campaign, by a clothing company named Koben Jeans. There has always been a fascination with raw denim (denim that is untreated and 100% cotton), and I remember way back when Rich & Skinny used to line their waistbands with luxurious silk. Well, Koben goes the extra mile, creating raw denim that is completely lined in silk that comes in your choice of color, both for men and women! As Koben says, “Business on the outside. Party on the inside.” Say whaa?

Founder T Hughes was on the hunt since 2009 for quality, comfortable jeans that fit his casual yet professional lifestyle, and opted to create is own. He has experience both at Land’s End and J. Crew, so he kind of knew what he was doing. He took his favorite pair of jeans, lined them with silk, and knew he had a great idea on his hands. The greatness of his idea was further verified when he was on a long flight wearing these jeans and the air conditioning failed while he was asleep. When he woke up, he found himself sweaty everywhere except for his legs. Turns out silk has its own way of regulating temperature and whicking away moisture!

Silk Lined Raw Denim by Koben - Inside View

Koben Jeans – The silk on the inside!

So obviously, Koben jeans will help regulate your temperature (help you stay warm when it’s cold, and vice versa), and help you stay dry—silk actually holds up to 30% of its weight before it loses it’s ability to regulate temperature, according to Koben’s Kickstarter page. These jeans have also gone through nine revisions to get the fit just right, and are meant to be dressed up or down. To top it off, these jeans are made in Los Angeles, California, and the denim is brought in from North Carolina’s Cone Mills. The silk and stretch denim is sourced from China.

How freakin’ awesome is this? This is why I love denim! You really never know what is coming up next, and the magic really does lie within the individual, unknown creatives rather than the larger, more established brands. I love seeing things like this, and I truly hope to try a pair of these babies! I adore how they look cuffed, with that perfect pop of color!

Check out Koben’s Kickstarter page here, although it just ended with flying colors (I’m not surprised!)…but all of the information is available through the Koben website, right here!