Comfortable and Whimsical Footwear by Lola Ramona

I try not to shop too much for footwear these days…I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say I already have a decent collection! I at least try to look for a variety of purposes when I shop for shoes…quality tall ones for the winter, mid-calf boots to cover up cropped jeans, low booties, black booties, a solid black pair of nice heels, a comfortable pair or two of sneakers (Converse, specifically) and one high top, a variety of different colors and styles of sandals (flat and with heels) for summer…you get the idea! I try to keep to mostly the basics, but it can be tough to discriminate when you run across something that’s SO COOL, even if it looks like something you already have! You gotta have some fun with shopping, too.

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