Six Premium Denim Brands Producing Face Masks

How is everyone doing out there? I know so many people focusing on creating face masks during these crazy times…never before have I ever seen so many come together with their own versions of the same project to help their communities. Even people who I didn’t know could sew are whipping out these things like crazy. I myself have started with a few prototypes and will be creating my own. Whether you are trying to stay financially afloat or are donating your own creations, it’s all great to see and shows how hard working we all can be to make it through the toughest times.

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Rock Your Shape Into the New Year with Lucky Brand Sculpt-Ed Jeans

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back from my holiday hiatus, and I hope everyone had a great one. I haven’t written much about denim in awhile, so lets get back to it. Just like I’m sure everyone’s 2019 was, the denim industry is constantly going through highs, lows and periods of “meh.” When it exploded in the early 2000s, it was all the rage, and since it was a fairly new thing, it was easy to come up with new trends and wild new styles. These last few years we saw so many rather interesting “trends” pop up on the market (see some from 2017, 2018, and 2019), that perplexed our style senses as brands tried their hardest to come up with something more unique than anyone else. However, trends come and go, and when it really comes down to it, all we ever want are jeans that fit well! Our bodies are all different, so shopping for the most flattering and comfortable pair is difficult, even for us fitness heads. It’s always awesome to see a well known brand go back to basics from time to time, so for this post I’m going to introduce the new Lucky Brand Sculpt-Ed Jeans.

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My Current Favorite Black Friday Denim Sales

It’s already that time of the year…where the heck did Halloween go? Screw that, where the hell did 2016 go?! Either way, it’s once again turkey day, and time for some of the best sales of the year. I’m always subscribed to my favorite brands’ and retailers’ newsletters in anticipation for such things, and just like I do every time, I figured I would share my favorites with you. There’s definitely far too many out there to include all here, but these are the first that I have seen, and I will be adding any new ones that pop up to this list as the week goes on! So whether you plan to party, to shop, or just relax and eat to your heart’s content this turkey day, here are some choice sales just in case you catch a bit of the shopping bug over the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Best End of Summer and Labor Day Denim Sales

Best End of Summer and Labor Day Denim Sales - Singer22

It’s yet another long weekend, and yet another great round of sales! I plan to spend my next few days resting, going to a few concerts and clubs in Hollywood, and spending time with friends. I’m fortunate to live in California where it’s going to be nice and warm all weekend, but I know some parts the country have some inclement weather looming overhead…and I’m sure if I lived in those areas I’d be more inclined to stay at home shopping! Whatever you plan to do this weekend, if you are aching for a new pair of jeans, I’ve put together some of the best premium denim sales I could find. Enjoy, and be safe!

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Loving That 70s Flare with AGOLDE

Loving That 70s Flare with AGOLDE - Front View

Flares are really growing on me. The raw hem thing doesn’t hurt either!! This is the AGOLDE Madison 70s Flare in Starwood Distressed that I recently received for a Denimology review, and I am absolutely loving them. I wore them with a black lace headband from CVS, my Lucky Brand Whipstitch bag (yet another eBay score) and a crop tee I got from American Eagle Outfitters last year to showcase my high rise jeans during product reviews. I had so much fun with this shoot! My hubby and I ran out as quickly as we could after work to catch the sun before it went down in a local park, and the light was just perfect. Vintage looks are so in right now and although I don’t yet have any true vintage jeans, I love the vibe and suddenly my skinny jeans are getting some decent competition!

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The Joe’s Finn and AEO Tie Dye

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Side Shot

Top: American Eagle Outfitters Cutout Muscle Tank (sold out, other colors here), Wrap: Lucky Brand, Jeans: Joe’s Finn in Regan

The Joe’s Finn and AEO Tie Dye

Another warm day at work…but not too warm to wear one of my favorite pairs of jeans I got recently from Joe’s! The black skinny with knee rips thing somehow got super huge all of a sudden, and although I don’t usually care for trend following, I fell for this one. The Joe’s Finn in Regan are super soft, the denim fabric is stretchy enough that the holes won’t break open further, and I’m digging the cherry on top: the raw hem! This Soft & Sexy Muscle Tee from American Eagle is indeed soft, and loose fitting enough for the warm weather. I’m wearing an organic bra from Nomad’s Hempwear since it looks stylish enough and not much like a bra when it peeks through. The wrap is from Lucky Brand that I grabbed for $10 with a recent sale they had (yeah really!). I’m a huge fan of wraps and they are just perfect to stay just a little warm in the mornings during this super hot California summer before it warms up as the day goes on. I just love how all of these colors come together! And don’t mind my ugly feet…I need a damn pedicure…

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Front Shot Angle

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Front Shot

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Back Shot

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Front View 2

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Side Shot

The Joe's Finn and AEO Tie Dye - Front View 3

Shop similar pieces below!

The Black Friday Conundrum

The Black Friday Conundrum

I often feel like somewhat of a hypocrite…my love for denim and finding the perfect deals and classic pieces for my wardrobe often butts heads with my strong beliefs in supporting local shops, being thankful for what you have, and cutting down on mindless spending and consumption. I’m always kind of battling it myself…but as I get older I see the value in owning less, in enjoying what you have, and just living a more simple and conscious lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why my writing direction has leaned towards independent designers and eco-friendly, ethical fashion along with denim, and thankfully the two have been holding hands more than ever and squeezing tighter and tighter with each passing year. Of course, when a great sale comes around, I can’t help but look, especially to find some new pieces to freshen up my product reviews or outfit posts. I’m more of an online shopper though, and sometimes find myself swimming in anxiety in brick & mortar stores. At least online, you get an easier chance to put an item aside and really think about it for awhile to avoid impulse purchases. In the store, it’s a lot easier to feel silly wandering around while deciding if a piece is really worth a purchase or returning to the store multiple times to check it out. But the other deal is the retail workers…I actually did work at an e-commerce company once, so I also know that behind the scenes can be super stressful too, especially during the holidays. So, when Black Friday and some of the best deals of the year comes around, I’m at an impasse. I actually thought about not posting about sales today, and instead making a post about being thankful and all of that good stuff. But I figured why not make a blend, as I don’t want to completely avoid supporting the brands I love, especially not those who I’ve seen making considerable strides towards more ethical manufacturing processes lately.

This will be my last post of the week and I’ll resume Monday (hmm, maybe even Wednesday), so I can enjoy family time and not feel too involved in this whole consumerism thing. For now though, for those (like me) who like the guilty pleasure of a little holiday deal shopping, here are some of my favorite brands and their current sales which extend through Black Friday. These will be continuing throughout the week unless they switch anything up, so they should be good until good ol’ Cyber Monday. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim

Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim

Image: Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim

I think I can credit Lucky Brand for beginning my denim obsession, all the way back in 2007, when I bought my first pair. I had a pair of the much-loved Little Maggie jeans, which has a super low rise and bootcut fit. Despite the rise being lower than what I was used to, I was impressed by the cut and fit and the fact that it didn’t need a belt at all. The quality alone spoke for itself! The brand is still a favorite of mine today, and I’m always eyeing them for the next pair to snag my interest. Lucky Brand has expanded their already amazing line with a premium Italian denim collection. It includes five different fits: the Brooke Legging in Black and in Sydney (a light blue wash), the low rise Charlie Skinny (another favorite fit of mine), the curvy Lolita Skinny (a fit I’ve been wanting to try), and the mid rise Brooke Straight. This collection is made possible by a collaboration with Italian denim mill Candiani Mill, which actually is now the most sustainable and successful denim mill in the world. The mill is about 75 years old and has survived through 4 family generations! Candiani is extremely innovative, which explains its success…”employees are rigorous in their research and development—whose secrets are highly guarded—testing all new fabric innovations in the mill’s internal development center. Seeking to establish trends by finding new combinations of fabric and treatment, Candiani continually develops and refines new wash techniques that offer a more scientific and sustainable method of treating denim.”

The Brooke Legging is a mid rise, with a 9″ front rise and generous 13.5″ back rise for the right coverage when sitting. It fits straight through the hip and thigh with a 10.25″ leg opening.

Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim - Brooke Legging

Brooke Legging Jean

The Brooke Straight is a mid rise like the Brooke Legging, with a 9″ front rise, 13.5″ back rise and a 13.5″ leg opening.

Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim - Brooke Mid-Rise Straight

Brooke Mid-Rise Straight

The Lolita Curvy Skinny is probably my favorite out of the bunch here, both in wash and in fit, because curvy styles always fit my more athletic shape better. This style is selling out fast! It features a mid rise, with an 8.5″ front rise and 13.5″ back rise, and 12.5″ leg opening with a curvy fit through the hip and thigh and a 29″ inseam.

Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim - Lolita Curvy Skinny

Lolita Curvy Skinny

This season, Lucky has partnered with Candiani to introduce Ultra Luxe Italian Stretch denim for women. Using Candiani’s patented sling technology—a yarn spinning technique that changes the constitution of the fabric, giving it a clean, smooth finish that offers superior stretch, ultimate comfort and unparalleled recovery—the fabric sculpts and shapes to make legs appear extra long. For men, Candiani continues to perfect the “clean jean;” a dark, clean wash with a super soft hand feel and tonal stitching.”

The Charlie Skinny is a fit that I own and like and I’d love to try it out in its premium Italian version! It features a low 8″ front rise, a 12.8″ back rise and a 12″ skinny leg opening, with a 29″ inseam.

Lucky Brand Introduces Italian Denim - Charley Low-Rise Skinny

Charley Low-Rise Skinny

Of course, the collection includes a men’s line as well! Shop the women’s Lucky Brand Italian Denim collection here, and read more about this awesome partnership with Candiani Mills at the Lucky Brand blog here!

Celebrate the 4th with Lucky Brand

Celebrate the 4th with Lucky Brand

Happy 4th of July! What better fashion brand to celebrate this historic day of independence with than Lucky Brand? Crafting denim in Los Angeles since 1990, Lucky has definitely secured its spot as an authentic, all-American legend. Of all the denim brands I’ve ever tried, this one has never failed me and it’s one of my classic favorites. In fact, the first jean that kickstarted my denim obsession was their Lil Maggie jean, a very low rise flare that held itself up perfectly without a belt! There are many jeans that are pretty darn impressive in terms of fit nowadays, but Lucky Brand got it right long ago and prevailed through all the years when women everywhere struggled to find the perfect pair of blues for their body. Best of all, these jeans have always come with a more affordable price tag than most premium denim, but never skimped on premium quality! I’m also a big fan of Lucky’s jewelry and hoodies, but their entire product line is always so fun and playful and whenever I pass by a store I make sure to pop in for a bit. I just feel that it’s one of the few brands out there where price and quality fit hand in hand—I never mind paying a little extra for an item I know is going to last!

So I know right now everyone is probably out enjoying the sun, either at the beach, on a nice long road trip or maybe indulging in a wine tasting tour or two, so I’ll keep this brief! I decided to throw together a cute Independence Day outfit with Lucky Brand items, which I know will go right on through Labor Day! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Cliché, I know…we all say that…but really now!

I also thought this was such a pretty top! It didn’t quite fit into the above outfit (or maybe it could)…but it was worthy of throwing it in on its own.

Celebrate the 4th with Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand Lace Stripe Top

Shop more Americana looks from Lucky Brand below! Have fun and be safe on this bright, sunny and patriotic 3-day weekend!

The Obligatory Festival Style Post

Festival Outfit 1

Fringe Kimono – Topshop, Red Ottoman Wrap Skort – Topshop, Flower Bralette – Topshop, Astrix Platform Lace-Up Boots – Topshop, Leather Mix Fringe Duffle Bag – Topshop, Black Sheer Knee High Socks – Topshop, Multi Row Beaded Bracelet – Topshop, Amazonian Day Necklace – UrbanOG

The Obligatory Festival Style Post

I think it would be a little insulting of me to scream “HEY everyone, it’s FESTIVAL season!” as if nobody has noticed yet…it’s kind of hard to avoid the barrage of media attention and fashion blogs and brands bringing up post after post after post about what to wear to Coachella and unless you’re living under a rock, you know that’s what this time of the year brings. But something else stood out to me instead amongst all the hype…it seems at one time, these festivals were all about your individual style, and yet so many of these getups all look a bit cookie-cutter now. Think “festival” and your mind probably jumps to high rise, crotch hugging, frayed diaper shorts, bodies covered in all sorts of crochet and heads adorned with feathers and oversized sunglasses, right? Is it just me or is everyone conforming to the same festival look, and simply trying to outdo each other? I mean, unless you’re Vanessa Hudgens and are paid to show up with your own team of stylists to follow you around dabbing off your sweat beads to keep you looking fresh around the clock, there’s probably not much competition. Granted, it’s hot out there (weather wise), and there’s only so many ways to dress lightly under the scorching sun while dancing your tush off to your favorite band or DJ…I’ll vouch for that myself. So, after diligently avoiding this subject for long enough, I figured I’d post up my take of the whole thing, with some items I’d wear from American Eagle, TopShop, UrbanOG and Lucky Brand. I hope I’m not being too hypocritical here, because of course these outfits have that festival look to them…but this is what I’d rock out there if I were headed to Coachella this year.

Festival Outfit 2

Circular Collar Necklace – Lucky Brand, Gimmicks by BKE Cardigan Duster Sweater – Buckle, Floral Multi Embroidery Belt – Lucky Brand. Topshop Underwired Bandeau Bra, MOTO Ripped Washed Black Jamie Jeans – Topshop, Alaska Harness Boots – Topshop, Suede Backed Mini Backpack – Topshop

And just because, I let my inner early-20-something out and crafted something for the younger crowd…

Festival Outfit 3

Rugged Lace Front Boot – American Eagle Outfitters, Wild & Free Trucker Hat – American Eagle Outfitters, AE High Rise Striped Shortie – American Eagle Outfitters, LST & FND Mickey Mouse Muscle Tank – American Eagle Outfitters, Festival Utility Belt – CosmicCelt (Etsy), Link Reaction Necklace – UrbanOG, Native Boogaloo Bracelet – UrbanOG

Shop links:

Outfit 1 – Topshop:

Fringe Kimono
Red Ottoman Wrap Skort
Flower Bralette
Astrix Platform Lace-Up Boots
Leather Mix Fringe Duffle Bag
Black Sheer Knee High Socks
Multi Row Beaded Bracelet
Amazonian Day Necklace – UrbanOG

Outfit 2 – Topshop, Buckle, Lucky Brand:

Circular Collar Necklace – Lucky Brand
Gimmicks by BKE Cardigan Duster Sweater – Buckle
Floral Multi Embroidery Belt – Lucky Brand
Underwired Bandeau Bra – Topshop
MOTO Ripped Washed Black Jamie Jeans – Topshop
Alaska Harness Boots – Topshop
Suede Backed Mini Backpack – Topshop

Outfit 3 – American Eagle Outfitters, Etsy, UrbanOG:

Rugged Lace Front Boot
Wild & Free Trucker Hat
AE High Rise Striped Shortie
LST & FND Mickey Mouse Muscle Tank
Festival Utility Belt – CosmicCelt (Etsy)
Link Reaction Necklace – UrbanOG
Native Boogaloo Bracelet – UrbanOG