Mitscoots Outfitters Launches Blankets and Pillows for the Homeless

Mitscoots Outfitters Launches Blankets and Pillows for the Homeless

Image: Mitscoots

All of the charitable brands I’ve written about here have warmed my heart. In a crazy world full of anger and hate, it’s so nice to focus on the good of humanity from time to time. Among my favorites of all the charities I’ve discovered while running this blog is Mitscoots, an Austin-based brand born in 2012 after its founders witnessed first hand the fundamental needs of the homeless while on volunteer work in the city, in 2008. Quality gear and a clean pair of socks were the most requested items, and with that in mind, the Mitscoots brand began. Mitscoots works with local and national charities to send an equal pair of one of their high quality socks, beanies, tees and more to someone in need with every purchase. The brand also employs the transitioning homeless to help package up and ship your purchased items to you! This helps develop confidence, skills, motivation and network building for these individuals to began building better lives. Everything Mitscoots creates is also manufactured in the United States.

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My New Frye Melissa Tab Riding Boots

My New Frye Melissa Tab Riding Boots - Sides Close

If you’ve been following my blog scribblings for awhile now, I’m sure you are familiar with the fact that I’m a huge fan of eBay shopping! I have nothing against retail, but if you can find the same item either new or slightly used for a much lower price, why not? I have so much fun browsing for bargains, and a lot of the normally pricey items I own I found after hours of tedious (but totally worth it) research and digging. I am also a huge believer of paying a little more for goods that are going to last you for years and years on end, rather than catering to the fast-fashion market by buying cheap items that you’ll have to replace every year anyway (and thus end up paying more in the long run along with generating unnecessary waste).

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Support the Homeless with Mitscoots Outfitters

Like many of you out there, I love charitable causes…but I also understand how difficult it can be sometimes to actively contribute to charities while we all try to keep our heads above water in this big old rat race as it is. It’s been so great to see big brands doing their part by contributing a portion of sales to various charities, and making it easy for shoppers to get involved. The concept of “buy one, give one” is one of my favorites, like the One for One® campaign by TOMS, which provides a product to someone in need for each one purchased. I’m excited to say I discovered another brand that does something similar, with one extra (and awesome) bit!

Mitscoots Outfitters is an outdoorsy brand that produces socks, beanies, scarves and gloves (as well as logo tees) for men and women, but there’s something honorably different that sets every product apart. The brand was founded in 2012 after its founders were volunteering along the streets of Austin in 2008 and noticed that after food and water, the biggest requests from the homeless population were quality gear and a clean pair of socks. This inspiration led to the creation of a brand that not only works through local and national charities to send an equal quality item for every item sold to someone less fortunate (on your behalf), but also employs the transitioning homeless, through shelters and placement agencies, to package up and send your orders to you! Providing employment opportunities helps with increasing confidence, skill development, motivation, and network building. How great is that?! In addition, everything is made right here in America. Mitscoots calls this noble mission “Get + Give + Employ”.

While Mitscoots has the image of an adventurous, outdoorsy brand, their products are perfect for the commuter, the professional, lazy days or nights in or just anyone who enjoys the luxury of feeling both stylish and cozy. The additional good feeling of giving back is an awesome icing on the cake…but really it’s the foundation which made this company possible in the first place!

“While volunteering along the streets of Austin, Texas circa 2008, we discovered that right after food and water, there was no greater request among the less fortunate than for a clean pair of socks and some quality gear.”

“Mitscoots Women’s Socks are meant to stand out and be bold. They represent the heart of a girl who does more than just wear something that looks good, but chooses to wear something that means good.”

“So, for every item purchased, we give an equal quality item to someone in need and take pride in employing the transitioning homeless to get each and every style packaged up and ready to go.”

“Mitscoots Men’s Socks are meant to stand out and be bold. It’s time for fellas to step up their socks game, help others in need and go to bed having done something awesome.”

“Mitscoots makes GEAR with a Mission: Get + Give + Employ”

Mitscoots Outfitters is also running a Kickstarter campaign to launch a collection of men’s and women’s hats. “The Cause Cap” will work the same way the brand’s existing products do and are guaranteed for 5 years!

Support the Homeless with Mitscoots Outfitters - Cause Cap

Image: Mitscoots Outfitters. Cause Cap (Kickstarter)

Read more about Mitscoots Outfitters and shop their huge collection of stylish, comfy products here.

View and support The Cause Cap campaign on Kickstarter here.

Mitscoots Socks Help Make A Difference

Mitscoots Socks Help Make A Difference

The fashion and style world is definitely going either the eco-friendly & sustainable route, or the humanitarian route, and I love seeing new little companies and brands popping up everywhere to help make a difference! We already know about TOMS, which donates shoes to the needy with every purchase, and now we have Mitscoots socks to pair with them! The brand concept began when its founders were volunteering in Austin, Texas, and witnessed that a clean pair of socks was one of the items most appreciated from the less fortunate, right after food and water. So, Mitscoots was born, and with every sock purchased, one is donated to someone in need in partnership with various charities nation-wide.

Mitscoots Socks Help Make A Difference

Mitscoots Socks: Bold Mix

Each sock is 100% cotton and made in North Carolina and packaged in Austin. The socks were constructed with the needy in mind, resulting in product that is highly durable for those that might need to be walking in them for days at a time. Our world is constantly changing, and not always for the better…I am thrilled to see so many companies that don’t forget this and work hard to help out those who need it, even with something as small as socks. Sometimes, it’s the small things that count. We don’t realize how much we take for granted!

Mitscoots also makes tech socks with moisture wicking technology, for the athletic ones among us! I might have to try a pair of these!

Mitscoots Socks Help Make A Difference

Mitscoots Socks: The Stevie Moisture Wicking Tech Sock

Visit Mitscoots right here to read more about the story and check out the great sock line for men and women, and check out the video below.