18 Summer Dresses to Keep Your Denim Cool In

It’s obvious I pretty much live in denim…the review for Sonas yoga leggings I did last week was definitely something new for me (although I’m just about always wearing leggings at festivals). When summer comes around and it’s the usual time for weeks-long heat waves here in California, wearing jeans is not always practical. For work hours, I usually opt for knee-length bermuda shorts to satisfy my denim preferences. However, the cool thing about denim is that it comes in so many different forms, and I’ve been seeing some super cute options in the form of denim dresses! Shopbop recently ran a denim dress campaign, and I also found myself swooning over several varieties from Revolve. I’m definitely loving the black denim dresses from Etienne Marcel (above) and DENIM x ALEXANDER WANG (below)! That patchwork number from GRLFRND (also below) is one to add to the wish list as well. I don’t yet have any denim dresses (I know, a surprise) as I usually just prefer to wear denim below the belt, but these are making me think twice. I’m usually into the darker styles, but I tried to get more of a variety of washes and cuts here for everyone to enjoy. Which one is your favorite?

Shop more denim dresses from Revolve here, and Shopbop here!

Here are several more styles of denim dresses to choose from:

Chic and Casual Jumpsuits for Night or Day

When the weather warms up and the wine starts flowing, I love my maxi dresses. There’s something about that lightweight, breezy, flowy feel against your legs as the sun bears down on your shoulders that gets me dreaming of summer all year long. As someone who usually prefers wearing pants over skirts (because without a thigh gap, there’s always going to be some sort of chafing going on by the end of the day which is exacerbated by the stickiness of sweat), I’m surprised I never really considered the maxi dress alternative: the jumpsuit. Rompers, its shorter-leg cousins, are usually pretty prevalent in the California town where I live, which makes sense because we’re pretty warm thoughout most of the year, but I never could see myself in one. It’s not like I don’t wear shorty shorts or mini skirts when it’s hot enough either…I think it has to something with the fact that I have a fairly short torso as it is, and I fear rompers will only make me feel or look blocky. Jumpsuits, on the other hand, keep that elongated, svelte look (as long as the fit is right), and seem like something I would have work at some point by now. I guess I just hadn’t seen one I liked.

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Sport Inspired Style

Sport Inspired Fashion

From L to R: Grid Neoprene Top by Clover Canyon with Knee Length Leather Short by Nicholas (Image from Shopbop); Mock Neck Scuba Tee by T by Alexander Wang with Bustier Dress by Olcay Gulsen (Image from Shopbop); Neoprene Body Con Dress by Shakuhachi; Grid Neoprene Top by Clover Canyon

We all know sports apparel fashion is nothing new…with the onset of trendy running events and a new gym class or workout popping up in what seems like every few months, we’ve gone quickly from the street-fashion of Puma to the functional style of lululemon, Under Armour and Ellie (although don’t get me wrong, Puma running shoes are one of the only brands that protect my crazy, beat-up feet the way they do and are a big leader in the neutral or minimal running shoe trend. I love them!). Just walk into Dick’s and you forget if you’re shopping for fashion or for function (I could spend all day in there) and I think it’s awesome that it’s gotten easier to find both!

However, I’ve seen another awesome trend pop up – sport INSPIRED style – threads that aren’t meant to be used for athletic purposes but have the obvious sport-appeal. I’m not talking just about looks either. These are items created with some of the same material, like neoprene, that functional sports apparel does. Some of these items look sporty, and some are more subtle or take advantage of some non-sporty quality that a sporty fabric may provide (like neoprene used for bodycon dresses).

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