Vintage Levis by RE/DUN

Vintage Levis by Re/Dun

Image: Re/Dun

Vintage Levis by Re/Dun

Even though I haven’t quite understood the appeal yet, vintage jeans are a huge conversation topic amongst denim fans everywhere. I never have taken the time to dig through flea markets and secondhand stores for jeans (although I have scored a few good finds on eBay), but I (like most) do understand the desire for that perfect, broken-in weekend jean. I’m just not quite sure I’d want a jean that someone else broke in…I’m more of an AG Jeans AG-Ed type of gal. However, the market and desire for vintage jeans is undeniably huge, and one duo found a smart way to tap into it, with great success.

RE/DUN launched on July 28 and is the work of Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, who are both fashion entrepreneurs and big denim fans. In an interview with, Mazur states “I’ve collected vintage Levi’s my entire life, since I first discovered them in my late teens. I love the washes on them, but I never really liked the way they fit because they were just wide-legged, non-flattering and high-waisted old jeans from the ’50s and ’60s. At a certain point I discovered these special denim tailors that you could take them to, and basically they’ll fit them to your body and make them fit like modern jeans.” Inspired by the originality and unique personalities of vintage jeans, Mazur and Barron started up RE/DUN with 50 pairs of jeans they hand-picked and had tailored from the bottom up: each jean was deconstructed by the seams and resewn into either a straight skinny or relaxed straight jean, which are the two styles available on their website. Each pair is priced in the $200 range and apparently, all sold out in the first 50 hours! There are several styles currently available but many are still sold out…this is solid proof that there was a definite niche waiting to be filled, and these guys knew it.

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