Comfortable and Stylish Joggers for Working at Home

Crazy times…right? I’m trying to see the silver lining while working at home due to this COVID-19 outbreak, even though I unfortunately have lost a lot of my work. I think we all did need a break and some downtime to re-evaluate our lives and get back in touch with ourselves, however. Many of us are lucky enough to have jobs that allow for working from home, but whether you are or not, I’m sure everyone is enjoying staying in their pajamas for most of the day! Although, I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that staying in my comfiest of comfy clothes sort of makes it tougher to be productive. I’ve heard many say that even if you aren’t leaving the house, it helps to get dressed, put makeup on, and stick with the general routine you did before all of this went down. I definitely have not been doing that, but I have been seeking ways to get my head into a productive gear while staying comfortable. So, I thought I would do a little search for some comfy yet super stylish sweatpants and joggers that might help all of you stay cozy yet productive while working at home!

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My Current Most Unique Picks in Premium Denim

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, one of the reasons I love denim so much is that it seems virtually unlimited in what you can do with it. It is an art form of sorts after all, and it’s amazing to me to see the endless stream of new cuts, washes, and designs that come out every season from the industry’s top contenders. Every now and then I love window shopping all of the latest looks in denim, from all price ranges. I find it sparks my own creative juices, and of course, it gives me ideas on what to write about next! When it comes to denim fits, most of us think of the obvious: skinny, bootcut, flare, straight…you get the picture. However, brands continue to push the limits and come up with their own every now and then, and sometimes you’ll see one that makes enough of an impression to become a new thing across the board. Old styles are always coming back, whether as they were remembered or as rehashed versions—we’ve seen culottes and overalls make it back on the top trends lists, for example. I even remember when the now all-too-familiar boyfriend jean was new. You never really know what the denim industry is going to churn up next! View Full Post

Frayed Hems Beyond the Denim Short

Frayed Hems Beyond the Denim Short

The frayed cutoff short. Nothing new. We’ve all been sporting them and creating our own out of our old jeans for decades. Last year I discovered skinny jeans with raw hems after one of my favorite bloggers, Lorna of Raindrops of Sapphire posted about her raw hem 7 For All Mankind jeans (she later shared her AG raw hem leggings). I love the look! I thought it was just something those two brands were up to, until I got a newsletter a few days ago from popular denim brand J Brand. They have an entire line dedicated to raw hems, titled The Fray, which includes not only skinny, culotte and bell jeans but also jackets, dresses and denim tops! Initially, this post was just going to feature J Brand, but as I searched the net a little more, I found that the raw hem trend was on full force with a multitude of other top notch premium denim brands! I scoured a few shops until I picked out a few favorites and collected them all here to share with all of you…and to bookmark as wish list items as well. What do you think of this new(ish) trend? I think it’s about time I add a skinny jean with a raw hem to my ever-growing denim collection! I’m not sure if I’m that partial to the tops and dresses, but you never know until you try it right?

I was just about done with this post until I spotted these couture items on Shopbop…kind of beyond reach for many of us but still awesome!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite frayed denim look?