Colorblocked Moto Jackets

Colorblocked Moto Jackets

Moto jackets are always in style, especially when Fall is upon us. The perfect leather jacket (or any well-fitted type of light outerwear) is a big staple for weather that’s just starting to turn but not quite cold enough to warrant the return of the big fluffy puffy jackets. I love the edgy look of a black leather moto jacket (which I finally added to my wardrobe about two years ago from Victoria’s Secret and still LOVE it) for times when I feel like my outfit could use a little boost (especially if I’m wearing lighter, more girly colors…I always like to balance it out with black). But I am also a big fan of colorblocking, and this season I’ve seen a lot of really cool alternatives to the classic solid-colored moto jacket. I thought I’d feature a few here…I might as well add a few to my wish list! It’s also cool to note that I don’t believe I’ve seen as many vegan leather moto jackets on the market before…I think we can thank brands like Blank NYC (first that comes to my mind) for that…they always know how to bring the high style without the super high price tags. But anyway, here’s a few of various materials, textures, colors and price ranges, to suit a wide variety of tastes!

My favorite two are at the top of course…perfectly polished vertical lines and I love the brown/tan shade in the Chaser Collarless Moto Jacket. I definitely prefer moto jackets with the thick collars as well.

I first saw this Express Color Block Moto Jacket in a mailer I received from the brand. It looks so classic and posh, even without being real leather. A little red always gives anything with black a nice pop too! I dig the buckles and strap details. Express is one of those places I don’t really frequent (I get easily obsessed over their in-store sales, however), but every now and then they have a nice piece that catches my eye, like this one!

I’m no all that familiar with the brand, but this Rebecca Taylor Combo Moto Jacket is gorgeous. I usually prefer contrasting block colors, but sometimes two colors put together that are very close to the same hue or value can look pretty neat. This black with navy blue, combined with the different textures makes for a gorgeous jacket!

I love this jacket from the M.A.C. x Nasty Gal collaboration! This one is a pretty, colorful, real leather stunner.

Colorblocked Moto Jackets - M.A.C. x Nasty Gal

Of course, one thing that makes a good jacket a worthwhile investment is its ability to fit with a wide range of items in your closet. At least, that’s what I think…especially when the term “investment” is validated by the price. So usually any piece of outerwear that wins a spot in my closet is a neutral or dark hue. I’d have to say all of these, including the red-accented Express piece, could fit with several outfits for years to come. That’s why I prefer colorblocking to any kind of pattern after all…it is less busy…and could be paired with anything that does have more intricate detailing or patterns.

Here are some other great colorblocked jackets below!