Olive Green is the Color of Spring

I know, I was just as surprised as you are, I guess. Usually Fall is the time for earthy, neutral colors such as browns, burgundies, and olive greens…but I’ve seen more than one retailer pushing the latter as a new Spring color. I’m fine with it, as I’m not much of a bright pastelley color person at all, and olive happens to be one of my favorite colors. It’s nice to find more toned down alternatives! Most people probably associate olive green as a military shade, and military pieces are indeed included in these new Spring marketing campaigns. They are also usually more lightweight which offers more breezy options for the warmer weather!

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Black and Olive Earth Tones

Black and Olive Earth Tones

Black and Olive Earth Tones

It’s funny, I was just going to call this “Distressing and Stripes,” and realized there was a pattern here…I had already named a post that last August (see here)! I guess I have a subconscious style preference. Anyway, two of my favorite pieces here are my black Alternative cardigan I got years ago and Level 99 Tanya in Crawford jeans, which are a deliciously soft high rise that just go with freaking everything. I just got this Long Sleeve Striped Pullover in Olivine (similar here) by Splendid from Hautelook (one of my favorite online haunts). This is my first item from Splendid, finally, and it definitely lives up to all my expectations! Olive is one of my favorite colors, and this Olivine shade is so pretty. The stripes are a navy blue color too, although they look black in these photos. I always like keeping contrast up with my outfits by wearing something black, but this time I went almost all black with one olive green piece to break it up. The boots are the Lace Up Quilted boot from American Eagle Outfitters (another similar one here), and I’ve been wearing them around to break them in for festival season (can’t wait)! My necklace is made from jasper, onyx and pyrite beads from Midwinter Co., one of my favorite jewelers. I love how well olive green and black go together!

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Wedges by Spendid

Wedges by Spendid - Beverly Wedge

Splendid Beverly Wedge

Wedges by Splendid

When we (at least I) think of Splendid, the immediate thought is usually super-comfy, basic, contemporary apparel that goes with just about anything in your closet and work well with anyone’s personal style. The brand began in 2002, but was the result of a “10 year quest to create the ultimate t-shirt”. I love contemporary basics, and they fit in the same realm as Ella Moss (which they own), Michael Stars, C&C California, and Alternative Apparel, to nave a few. One can not have too many blank tank tops (or maybe that’s just me). Being around as long as they have, most know them very well for being a star player in the contemporary basics realm. Recently, Splendid expanded into handbags, as I blogged about recently. But what about their footwear? I don’t know, maybe most of you already knew about them, and I guess I did…but I didn’t really look at them closely into their footwear line until today, when I received a newsletter with a cute pair of wedges by Splendid! With summer now finally here, what girl doesn’t want to expand her shoe collection by adding in a few refreshers?

Wedges by Spendid - Berlin Wedge

Splendid Berlin Wedge

I think I’m a big fan of the Beverly Wedge, which has a pretty leather and cotton upper. Every now and then I’ll grab a pair of shoes that aren’t real leather (but they REALLY have to be cute…like, I need it now cute), but I try to stay with leather for the durability. But what I like the most about these are all the different lines! You’ve got the vertical stripes on the cotton upper (at a slight angle), the horizontal woodgrain stripes on the wedge, with the vertical (and slightly angled) leather detailing on the back of the wedge. Très chic! And the Berlin Wedge…that little pop of color matched with the woodgrain lines…love! I really dig how Splendid might be known for very simple basics, but these wedges have such intricate details that really pop, in a classic sense!

Wedges by Spendid - Kellen Wedge

Splendid Kellen Wedge

What do you think? Here are more wedges, sandals, AND boots from Splendid!

Splendid Launches Handbags for Spring 2014

Splendid Launches Handbags for Spring 2014 - Pismo Satchel

Splendid Handbags – Pismo Satchel

Splendid Launches Handbags for Spring 2014

While flying to Chicago for my sister-in-law’s wedding this Memorial Day weekend, I was flipping through an American Way magazine (which is probably some of the best airline reading I’ve ever had…my carry-on full of books and entertainment went untouched the entire four hours over) and discovered something I found exciting and blog-worthy…the much-loved, ten-year-old basic apparel brand Splendid launched a handbag line (their first one ever) for this spring! Upon doing a little digging, I found out that Splendid signed a deal late last year with Signal Brands to create this handbag line. Just like their apparel, the bags are simple, basic but eye-catchingly beautiful and functional, and made with soft, perforated leathers, textured canvases and woven fabrics. The line also includes clutches!

For us, launching bags was the most natural step to round out the Splendid lifestyle. We wanted to create an easy functionality. We have a laid-back vibe. Our bags can go from day to night. – Splendid creative director Pamella Protzel-Scott

With this new line, Splendid further reinforces its foothold into the contemporary lifestyle brand market, and expects this partnership to bring in a cool $15 million by its third year.

Check out some of these new bags below!