Versatile and Stylish Belt Bags for Everyday Convenience

Versatile and Stylish Belt Bags for Everyday Convenience

Image: Shopbop

OK first thing’s first, I know, I went MIA again, and I apologize…but be rest assured that if I was ever going to quit this blog (which aint gonna happen), I’d make a statement. Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s exactly what went down—I basically had three weekends of DJ gigs, work picked up, and I took a little vacation to Lucidity Festival (which yes, involved one of those gigs)! It was nice to take a break, but was also looking forward to picking it up again. Whether I post three times a week or once or not at all, I’m always looking for new things to write about! I thought today’s post should somehow tie into the music festival spirit, so I decided to write about a staple in that community which I’ve noticed gaining traction in the contemporary fashion world: utility belts. You might know them as belt bags, or most commonly, fanny packs. However, this notably tacky piece from the ’80s has totally been reinvented!

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Backpacks are Back at Shopbop

I remember my favorite backpacks back in high school. I would deck them out in all kinds of patches, sew trinkets on them, hang as many keychains as I could on the zipper pulls and write the names of my favorite bands (and the dates I finally saw them live) all over them with a whiteout pen. Jansport still rocks, but we’ve come a long way since then (and those little mini low-slung backpacks that came out in the mid ’90s). The backpack as we knew it has been modernized over the years as a legit alternative to the handbag, made in all kinds of materials from the usual canvas to swanky leather. I personally have been eyeing the Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.B. backpack for a few months (which is going to have to be another eBay score). It’s the piece that turned me on to the idea of carrying a nice leather backpack for day trips…or just because! Shopbop has put together a cute little collection of some of the best backpacks they have to offer, and they certainly are all eye candy. Would you carry any of them? The leather ones are beautiful! Here are some of my favorites.

“In luxe materials and modern colors, the schoolyard staple is all grown up (and as practical as ever).”

View the lookbook and shop the Shopbop backpack collection here!