Sweatpants Get Dressy

Sweatpants Get Dressy

I’m sure by now we all know that loungewear has sort of become the new streetwear, along with activewear. Personally, I prefer to keep my sweats in the house or on quick grocery store runs, and my activewear in the gym, but it is sort of fascinating to sit back and watch all of these “dressy” versions of said items pop up in shops everywhere. The sweatpant has gotten a huge makeover…with prints, sparkles, shiny appliques…you name it. Speaking of names, it also is now called the “jogger.” I grabbed myself a black sparkly pair for $15 off of the American Eagle clearance sale in order to try out this trend for myself (I’m really not so sure of it yet), and I plan to do a post soon! I’m usually all about mixing and matching opposing or unusual elements of fashion, but I might have to let this one grow on me for a bit. I’ll probably wear them more on game nights or other equally as loungy visits to friends houses. I remember when Victoria’s Secret’s Pink sweatpants shot to fame thanks to Jessica Simpson, and I actually liked wearing them around with the elastic part hiked up to form the sweatpant version of the boyfriend jean (Kind of like the leopard print Monroe Vintage Sweatpants below. I guess you could call them the early version of the jogger?), however it was fairly short lived for me. I wore them to class every now and then with Uggs when that was…acceptable (maybe it still is for the college folk amongst us?), but that was about it. But anyway, for now, check out these high class joggers I found on Shopbop…what do you think?

Shop the full collection at Shopbop here!

Sport Inspired Style

Sport Inspired Fashion

From L to R: Grid Neoprene Top by Clover Canyon with Knee Length Leather Short by Nicholas (Image from Shopbop); Mock Neck Scuba Tee by T by Alexander Wang with Bustier Dress by Olcay Gulsen (Image from Shopbop); Neoprene Body Con Dress by Shakuhachi; Grid Neoprene Top by Clover Canyon

We all know sports apparel fashion is nothing new…with the onset of trendy running events and a new gym class or workout popping up in what seems like every few months, we’ve gone quickly from the street-fashion of Puma to the functional style of lululemon, Under Armour and Ellie (although don’t get me wrong, Puma running shoes are one of the only brands that protect my crazy, beat-up feet the way they do and are a big leader in the neutral or minimal running shoe trend. I love them!). Just walk into Dick’s and you forget if you’re shopping for fashion or for function (I could spend all day in there) and I think it’s awesome that it’s gotten easier to find both!

However, I’ve seen another awesome trend pop up – sport INSPIRED style – threads that aren’t meant to be used for athletic purposes but have the obvious sport-appeal. I’m not talking just about looks either. These are items created with some of the same material, like neoprene, that functional sports apparel does. Some of these items look sporty, and some are more subtle or take advantage of some non-sporty quality that a sporty fabric may provide (like neoprene used for bodycon dresses).

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