17 Printed Jeans from Shopbop to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Being as obsessed with denim as I am, and having reviewed denim for Denimology and this blog since 2014, I have many denim styles. Of course, the classic blue jean takes up most of them since it’s the most common (and let me say, there’s still a ton of variety), as well as my all time absolute favorite wash, faded black. However, sometimes it’s fun to shake it up a little with a statement piece! Usually the thought of a chunky piece of sparkly jewelry pops up when thinking of such a thing, or maybe some eye catching heels. For me though, I often opt for a fun pair of printed jeans as something different to spice up an outfit when I feel like I’m in a style rut!

Every Spring, many brands release new lines of printed denim, and sometimes they’re something you kind of have to dig for. Sometimes it ends up being more like a Fall release. Either way, they are such a fun way to effortlessly get a little more creative in your everyday look. I am not a big fan of mixing patterns, so usually I’ll wear a pair of printed jeans with a solid colored blouse or maybe a casual tee, and the same for the jacket and footwear. As far as jewelry goes though, I say go to town! Keeping everything else simple and having fun with jewelry kind of compliments the design of the jeans, in my opinion, and the solid top is separating the design of your jewelry from the jeans so they compliment each other instead of clashing. Either way, fashion is all about doing as you please to express yourself, and breaking all the rules! If you’ve been stuck in a styling mental block or are tired of rushing out of the house every morning too quickly to put in much thought in your look, here are 17 printed jeans from Shopbop to spice up your wardrobe and make the job a whole lot easier!

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My Current Most Unique Picks in Premium Denim

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, one of the reasons I love denim so much is that it seems virtually unlimited in what you can do with it. It is an art form of sorts after all, and it’s amazing to me to see the endless stream of new cuts, washes, and designs that come out every season from the industry’s top contenders. Every now and then I love window shopping all of the latest looks in denim, from all price ranges. I find it sparks my own creative juices, and of course, it gives me ideas on what to write about next! When it comes to denim fits, most of us think of the obvious: skinny, bootcut, flare, straight…you get the picture. However, brands continue to push the limits and come up with their own every now and then, and sometimes you’ll see one that makes enough of an impression to become a new thing across the board. Old styles are always coming back, whether as they were remembered or as rehashed versions—we’ve seen culottes and overalls make it back on the top trends lists, for example. I even remember when the now all-too-familiar boyfriend jean was new. You never really know what the denim industry is going to churn up next! View Full Post