Tailor Free Options for Jeans with Short Inseams

Tailor Free Options for Jeans with Short Inseams

Tailor Free Options for Jeans with Short Inseams

Ever since my obsession with denim went viral within my network of acquaintances and friends and their friends, I’m constantly asked for suggestions for the perfect jeans for certain body shapes, heights, fabric content preferences…you name it. And I love it! As silly as it might sound for me to say I’m happy to be some sort of denim guru, I am. Either way, I love to be of help with something I’m passionate about! The most common question is in regards to the best jeans for curvier body types. Fortunately, the denim industry has listened over the years, and my go-tos when asked this question are the Lovestory flare by J Brand, The Honey Bootcut from Joe’s Jeans, just about anything from American Eagle Outfitters, Parker Smith, and the Kimmie (Bootcut and Straight) from 7 For All Mankind. Other brands continue to add more to their already-amazing rosters. However, there’s still one issue that has yet to be widely addressed: shorter inseams! Fortunately American Eagle offers length options, as does Bluer and AYR (in their skinny and slim cuts), but what about those who require inseams under 30″? I’m fortunately a 32-33″ but that seems to be the baseline…even 7 For All Mankind’s much-welcomed Tailorless line stops there. I still see a market lacking for the shorter peeps! Even more so, for the shorter and curvier souls who are constantly frustrated in the never ending hunt for the perfect pair of jeans.

So, recently, a particular frustrated denim hunter professed her distaste to me for the lack of shorter inseams for curvier gals. It’s easy to just recommend grabbing a pair of skinny jeans and rolling them up, but not everyone is keen on the skinny jean train, and even I avoid bootcuts and flares a lot because of the unfortunately reality that most of these come in inseams that are too long even for me, and taking a pair of jeans to the tailor is just one more expense and item to add to my list of things to do (although I did learn how to do a basic hem job at home, but I’ll save that for another post). When this particular person asked for my advice on this subject, it dawned on me…why not try a crop? Most of them are around the 25-26″ range anyway, and there’s been a marvelous selection of cropped bootcut and flare styles out there lately.

Below are the jeans I would suggest for anyone looking for a shorter inseam in a variety of different rises, fits and cuts, and I focused on jeans that I know will fit curvy shapes too, so everyone is covered!

Since bootcuts and flares tend to flatter curvy bodies most, I’ll start with these cute cropped styles! These are high rises, meant to flatter a wider range of figures.

If you’re more partial to skinny styles, I’d suggest these. Skinnies really can look good on people who aren’t necessarily skinny! To keep it mixed up, the rightmost style is a bit more of a relaxed fit (with a yummy raw hem too). The CoH Rocket in the middle is a favorite of mine…check out a review I did for it here!

As mentioned above, AYR goes down to a 26″ inseam in many skinny styles. Shop them here.

A cute rolled boyfriend jean always works, as most are cropped and many are high waisted, but that seems too easy. I’m sure most of you are reading this because you are looking for a more curve hugging option! So, here’s a more fitted style from Joe’s below, plus another skinny and cropped boot.

As awesome as premium denim is, I realize it is a bit of a high price point for many (although I believe in the investment!), so when anyone asks me about a lower price option, my go-to is American Eagle! They have bumped up their game over the years and I would say everything is close enough to premium quality! I especially love the Kick Crop on the far right…I’m sure that raw hem has something to do with it!

I selected all of these based on personal experience and accolades from others (I haven’t tried MOTHER myself yet, for one thing). If any of these aren’t quite your cup of tea, or you are looking for something a little different in wash, cut or price, I hope at least this gave you some faith that these style options are out there! Now, you can go Google and shop to your heart’s content.

Leave me a comment! I do my best to respond to all. But please, keep it classy :)