The Beautiful Dark Underground


From L to R: Hooded Wrap Wool Knit Cardigan, Oversized Long Viscose Jersey Cardigan, Overlapped Jersey Dress, Off The Shoulder Viscose Jersey T-shirt

The Beautiful Dark Underground

Demobaza, where have you been all my life? I just ran across this brand that reminded me just how much I still love goth-inspired (actually screw it, this isn’t goth-inspired, this IS goth…) looks even though I might not dress the part anymore. For those that know, I was quite the little goth girl in high school. However I still like the same music, the same apparel…my tastes are simply expanded! You rarely see these types of fashions strutting down the runways, although brands like Diesel and Sass & Bide definitely pull from it. It definitely seems to have its own loud, yet quiet, underground.

Ugh, just look at these? How COOL is this brand…it’s so Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In fact, it reminds me of Trish Summerville‘s capsule collection for H&M inspired by everything she designed for the movie, which I LOVED, but was too late to snag anything from (hello, eBay, I’m watching you). She’s gone on to design the getups seen in Catching Fire, as well. Dream job. How does a style genre not made up by any shades other than black and grey (and my favorite, dark maroon) end up being so versatile? Kind of like jeans, I guess…something simple, made into 334543534 versions of awesome. I think that’s part of the appeal, at least to me.

Trish Summerville with her H&M designs for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Trish Summerville with her H&M designs for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Photo:

Peruse these Demobaza styles below. There’s a lot more where these came from…

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