The Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade New York Collection

Kate Spade is one of those brands that I’ve had my eyes on for a long time now. I never owned anything from them until just recently, when I grabbed one of their Charlotte Street Alek crossbody bags at a special online secret sale! Although I’m not partial to girly items or a lot of pink, the brand has kept my attention with their sleek, clean and classy handbags. I’ve only glanced at Kate Spade apparel here and there, but this new collaboration with Beyond Yoga caught my eye. Beyond Yoga is a luxury athleisure brand designed to take wearers of all body types and sizes from studio to street. They also don’t photoshop their models to ensure you will find your new favorite, best-fitting piece. Another thing I like about the brand is that they take classic silhouettes and enhance them with their own unique details! I always have a fondness for taking items people normally see as simple (like jeans, for example), and making them extraordinary. Beyond Yoga’s philosophy of clean but bold makes them a perfect pair with Kate Spade to create a one of a kind athleisure collection!

The Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collection is full of so many cute pieces…as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really a pink person, but there are plenty of super cute black items included too! It’s so well balanced I figured it deserved a post. I love the leggings with cinched bow details at the hems, as well as the Bow Neck Jacket, which take the girly bow detail but keep it modest enough to appeal to all kinds of tastes. Actually I love all of the jackets below! What do you think?

athleisurestrong> (noun) [ath-LEE-zher] wearing yoga clothes whenever (and however) you want

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