The Black Friday Conundrum

The Black Friday Conundrum

I often feel like somewhat of a hypocrite…my love for denim and finding the perfect deals and classic pieces for my wardrobe often butts heads with my strong beliefs in supporting local shops, being thankful for what you have, and cutting down on mindless spending and consumption. I’m always kind of battling it myself…but as I get older I see the value in owning less, in enjoying what you have, and just living a more simple and conscious lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why my writing direction has leaned towards independent designers and eco-friendly, ethical fashion along with denim, and thankfully the two have been holding hands more than ever and squeezing tighter and tighter with each passing year. Of course, when a great sale comes around, I can’t help but look, especially to find some new pieces to freshen up my product reviews or outfit posts. I’m more of an online shopper though, and sometimes find myself swimming in anxiety in brick & mortar stores. At least online, you get an easier chance to put an item aside and really think about it for awhile to avoid impulse purchases. In the store, it’s a lot easier to feel silly wandering around while deciding if a piece is really worth a purchase or returning to the store multiple times to check it out. But the other deal is the retail workers…I actually did work at an e-commerce company once, so I also know that behind the scenes can be super stressful too, especially during the holidays. So, when Black Friday and some of the best deals of the year comes around, I’m at an impasse. I actually thought about not posting about sales today, and instead making a post about being thankful and all of that good stuff. But I figured why not make a blend, as I don’t want to completely avoid supporting the brands I love, especially not those who I’ve seen making considerable strides towards more ethical manufacturing processes lately.

This will be my last post of the week and I’ll resume Monday (hmm, maybe even Wednesday), so I can enjoy family time and not feel too involved in this whole consumerism thing. For now though, for those (like me) who like the guilty pleasure of a little holiday deal shopping, here are some of my favorite brands and their current sales which extend through Black Friday. These will be continuing throughout the week unless they switch anything up, so they should be good until good ol’ Cyber Monday. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Black Friday Conundrum - AG

Images: AG Jeans

The Black Friday Conundrum - Hudson

Image: Hudson

The Black Friday Conundrum - Joe's

Image: Joe’s

The Black Friday Conundrum - Revolve

Image: Revolve

The Black Friday Conundrum - Singer 22

Image: Singer22

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