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The Cambridge Satchel Company - Small Traveller in Port

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The Cambridge Satchel Company at Shopbop

I think I’m kind of glad I love jeans the way some gals love bags and shoes…jeans can be expensive, but they are SO much easier to bargain shop at least than some of these insanely gorgeous, durable bags out there! Just like with jeans, bags fit with the “you get what you pay for” monicker but they take planning if you really want to get your hands on a quality “investment piece” that will last you just about forever. I’m always for buying less and paying more for quality, because if you’re out buying a multitude of cheap items so you have a new one every time one falls apart, eventually you end up spending about the same if not more. I like finding a piece that I will love for a long time and not feel the need to hunt for another so often. Aint’ nobody got time for that!

Either way, there ARE a ton of high quality bags out there that won’t completely break your bank. Couture is pretty and all, but not always my thing. I always look for leather, because it lasts longer, and solid colors because I tire of patterns really fast and they don’t always fit with everything (and I like playing with patterns more with clothing, if at all). I like classic pieces, so I’m always willing to hunt awhile for one. Right now I usually carry Foley & Corinna, Coach and Rebecca Minkoff because I adore their simplicity, functionality (they carry all the things!), ability to be lightweight (I love little details but don’t need to show off) and yet carry what I need, and longevity. I’m sure I’ve been carrying the same cobalt blue Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote for at least two years now (see it here), and it still looks and works great. I use it for workdays, so I always have what I need, but on the weekends I carry lightweight, smaller crossbody bags around so I don’t kill my back and have free hands, like Minkoff’s Mini Mac and my Foley & Corinna Disco City Tote. I’ve been eyeing another cute brand with an abundance of simple leather crossbody bags for years, The Cambridge Satchel Company. Just the name alone brings me back memories of visiting Cambridge almost ten years ago (holy crap that long?). Hand made in London, these little bags look like they pack a punch and then some, and seem to be popular in an underground sense, although a few celebrities favor them, such as Taylor Swift. They’ve also won numerous awards in the UK, such as the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2013. They are not very expensive, with most under $300 which is awesome for a bag that’s going to last you a long time, and are extremely versatile. They first caught my eye when I saw how many colors they had available in each style!

My favorite is the first one at the top of my post, of course…I am a huge fan of jewel tones and with autumn upon us, this dark oxblood color is perfect to go with tall boots and the earthy colors that often go with Fall layering. I don’t really dress for seasons (and I love earthy tones just about all the time), but Fall is a favorite one and I like to live it up! I also love how all the compartments and buckle details are done on the bag without it being overbearing and bulky.

Most of these below are ones I’d also carry, but I tried to keep a variety to show as much as The Cambridge Satchel Company has to offer as I can. I apologize if some are already sold out, since they are popular enough to go quickly, but a quick Google search or visit to the company’s website itself should bring you to the bag you are coveting! Also check my shopping widget at the bottom of this post!

Also, through Tuesday, September 22nd, The Cambridge Satchel Company is offering 20% off six editor’s picks on their website in the spirit of London Fashion Week! Shop the sale here.

Shop more colors and styles from The Cambridge Satchel Company below!

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