The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives

The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives

The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives

I can spend forever and a day perusing Etsy and filling up my various favorite lists…denim is fun and it’s fascinating to me how much can be done with the simple concept of a pair of jeans, but I think I find the individual talents of independent creatives even more wildly interesting! I find it sad that there are so many amazing artists out there who are completely underrated and underexposed, being lost in the flood of online (and offline) entrepreneurs, both budding and successful alike. It’s gotten harder and harder to market yourself over the years and finally catch a break!

I feel lucky to be part of a great community of creative friends, and I really wanted to present some of them to all of you! I am so proud of all of these people, who have ventured into a path I once thought I would take. I think the only thing holding me back was the fear of letting go of my favorite works…I think I’d want to keep them all! I guess maybe this is one of the reasons why I love supporting them so much—when something you value goes to a friend there’s always a little more solace in knowing that item will be well loved. But more importantly than that, check out the below, these talented folks deserve the recognition!

Diamond Wolff Dyes
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Diamond Wolff Dyes

I promise you’ve never seen tie dye quite like this before. Katie Diamond takes it a huge step forward from those typical colorful spiral tee shirts from the 60s (although she makes a lot of amazing versions of those too)! Shop tee shirts, infinity scarves, tanks, jackets, leggings, tapestries and more, for women, men and kids. As rad as these photos look, they definitely do not do the actual products justice, as the range of colors and dynamic designs are a sight to be best seen up close! As a bonus, use coupon code “FESTYGEAR” to receive 25% off your entire purchase now thru 4/6! Shop here!

As The Raven Flies
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - As The Raven Flies

I posted about this super cute shop from my friend TK last year (see post here). She and I have a crafty eye, and enjoy collecting trinkets to later use for jewelry! However, I’ve slacked in that department, and she’s gone on to make some great handmade pieces, whether for your wrist, ears, neck or hair. She uses all sorts of beads and charms, as well as real gemstones. Shop here!

Mustache Mineral Market
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Mustache Mineral Market

Speaking of gemstones, I have been building up a decent little collection (well, I have since I was a kid) lately. I can spend hours in a rock shop! I like all variations…polished, carved and raw, and this shop by my friend Matt is a great little online gemstone shop with all sorts of semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, garnets, aquamarine, quartz, fossils, tanzanite and more. They are all ready for jewelry making or adding to a collection, but he also has several wire-wrapped pieces, ready to wear! Shop here!

Hybrid Couture
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Hybrid Couture

This lady Catie has been a family friend for quite some time, and I used to work for her dad who runs a publication that discusses eco friendly automobiles. It’s only natural then that she would start her own eco-friendly clothing line, and name it the way she did! I attended one of her fashion shows years ago, which featured several cute basics with unique twists for yoga or just staying comfortably stylish all day. She also creates pieces for kids, inspired by her daughter (seen above)! She is about to restock for Spring, so check back shortly. Shop here!

All Beta
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - All Beta

Now this is a unique one. My friend Lucy loves climbing, and has gotten pretty good at it. Her shop features items that are climbing inspired, such as bracelets made out of rope and/or carabiners and chalk bags. Everything is so creatively cute…think, chalk bags that look like sharks, piranha plants or dino tails. So if you are a climbing fan, check this out! Shop here!

Dandy Kandi
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Dandy Kandi

Being a DJ, and living within the festival crowd, of course I’m immersed in raver culture from time to time! This colorfully fun lady, Seana, took the kandi kid world into her own hands and got insanely talented with turning the iconic beaded bracelet into a range of bras, cuffs, ties and face masks. Traditionally, those bracelets are traded at parties, signifying new friendships and experiences. However, if you’re looking for that final piece for your EDC outfit, this is a great shop to stop at! Shop here!

Lucid Noctum
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Lucid Noctum

My friend Melesa is not only a Reiki certified masseuse, but she also has an affinity for gemstones (the two go hand in hand, after all). She’s worked pretty dang hard on her store, offering not only raw gemstones but rings, feather earrings and essential oils (she is a helper at Essential Oil Wizardry, run by my friend Doctor Nick…I swear these are the best essential oils ever, made with lots and lots of love). However it doesn’t stop there. Shop decorated drums, home decor, and head chains/bands as well. Shop here!

Shannon Tamayo Jewelry
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Shannon Tamayo Jewelry

This lady, Shannon, I only had the chance of knowing for a short while in the past, but I’ve recently gotten back in touch with her and discovered her unique jewelry making talent! She also crafts pieces with gemstones, as well as sand dollars! I just recently picked up the gorgeous apricot quartz piece shown above, and it is absolutely radiant…as usual, the photo does not do it justice! She also crafts pieces with agate and other types of quartz, using well as copper, gold and silver hardware to wrap it all together. But seriously though, check out those sand dollars! Shop here!

Ollie Beez (Sara Bulygo)
The Etsy Shops of My Fellow Creatives - Ollie Beez

I have known Sara since I was a child, her parents being family friends of mine. I only recently got back in touch thanks to Facebook, and discovered this shop she created featuring all sorts of fun block sets for kids! I love seeing such a classic kid’s toy still being relevant today, as we see so many of the things we loved as wee ones disappear over time. Some things are just timeless! She has several themed sets that reflect Cat In the Hat, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and Bearnstein Bears…all of the things that bring back some major nostalgia. Shop here!

I know, I’m friends with a ton of total hippies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Do you have any super creative friends on Etsy (or elsewhere for that matter)? Share links to their shops below! I’d love to see them!

Leave me a comment! I do my best to respond to all. But please, keep it classy :)