The Good Old Christian Dior Saddle Bag

I honestly had to laugh a little when I saw this…cue back to my college days, when I was itching something crazy for the ultra swanky, Celeb-favorite Christian Dior saddle bag, maybe in part because of my many years of being an equestrian. Back then, it was pretty easy to find fakes online, so like most naive college kids, I went for it. I searched far and wide for a replica of the denim with pink “leather” trim ones, and found it on the now-defunct Yahoo Auctions (which was an easy source for fakes). I couldn’t wait to wear it around downtown on a typical night out, and when I did, a very excited friend of mine saw it and made a beeline, breaking one of the metal handles when she grabbed for it in amazement (yes, even the metal was fake, I learned that night). So that pretty much ended my purchasing of fakes, and as I got older I realized how dumb that was to begin with anyway. The oh-so-popular (at the time) Dior Saddle Bag faded into the past for me as I moved on and grew older and other, more affordable brands came out with new designs to covet. Just yesterday, I was browsing around and I don’t know how on earth I ran across it, but lo and behold, the online consignment shop TheRealReal holds a huge collection of the Dior Saddle Bag. Yes, they are real…and yes they are used, but in gorgeous condition, and for UNDER $300. Shopbop’s What Goes Around Comes Around vintage shop has a few of them too for a bit more, but still significantly cheaper than the original retail price. I guess these are considered vintage now? Crazy! I still find it slightly amusing though, considering how much I wanted one…and even how slightly tempted I am to grab one now. Maybe, just maybe…

Do you remember this popular style from the early 2000s? Take a stroll down fashion’s memory lane and check out a few pretty ones from TheRealReal below!

If you haven’t noticed, TheRealReal is offering an additional 20% off right now. Oh the temptation…check out the rest of the Dior Saddle Bag collection here, or shop the widget below!

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