The JOE’S Jeans Holiday Gift Guide

The JOE'S Jeans Holiday Gift Guide

Image: JOE’S.

In a perfect world, I’d buy jeans for everyone on my Christmas shopping list. But alas, I have to realize not everyone is as denim-crazy as me…although most wouldn’t complain if they received a nice pair of premium jeans to wear and love for years and years on end as a gift! Thankfully though, just about all of my favorite brands have a full collection of items other than denim, or anything that would go with a new favorite pair. JOE’S is one of those brands. It’s tough to remember that they expand way beyond jeans, with all of their beautiful collections of vintage and impressive technologically enhanced denim styles and fabrics. It almost seems like the brand was reading my mind when I saw an e-newsletter come in today featuring a perfectly concise collection of some of the best gift ideas that span across their entire product line. The JOE’S Jeans holiday gift guide is a perfectly curated selection of some of the best that the brand has to offer for those style conscious folks on your shopping list this season!

Choose from not only some awesomely coated, embroidered, destroyed (some with lace details), patched up, raw-edged or mixed-media denim pieces but also some ultra cozy sweaters, jackets, bags, and other great items to make someone on your list (or yourself, because I know how I think when I go gift shopping) happy. Here are my favorites from the JOE’S holiday gift guide!

What stands out to you the most? Shop the entire JOE’S Jeans holiday gift guide here!

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