The L’AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - Sweater Leaning

Jeans: L’AGENCE Margot in Noir, Sweater: O’Neill (similar)
Shoes: Asos (similar), Top: Weave Me Wings top by Elven Forest

Let me let you in on a little secret: no two skinny jeans are alike! Okay, I’m sure that’s plainly obvious for those of you who are already as obsessed with denim as I am or have been reading my blog for awhile. However, sometimes it’s just really hard to convey that to someone who isn’t so well-rehearsed in denim. This also explains why it’s so hard to whittle down my huge denim collection that’s been fed by all of these great opportunities to review amazing jeans with Denimology (along with my own personal purchases)! Every time I get one to review, it’s so fascinating to me to see the difference in not only fit and wash but the fabric content and its ability to stretch, hold you in, and keep its shape. When the opportunity to review L’AGENCE popped up, I jumped at the chance, and suggested reviewing one of the popular Margot High Rise styles which I kept seeing all over bloggers on Instagram. Most of those bloggers are pretty darn svelte, so I figured it would be great to show just how the jean fits on a more curvy or athletic figure like mine.

This review was done at the beginning of December, but I got caught up with so many other posts along with my nice long winter break, so now I’m finally getting to posting these photos. These jeans are INCREDIBLE. I was sent the Noir (black) color in my usual size of 26. They might look tight, but the amazing thing about them is that they really didn’t need any breaking in: they already felt broken in, and after wearing then almost every day for weeks, nothing has changed. They are so luxuriousy soft, and stretch to hug every single curve. While most stretchy jeans are made of a thinner, more spandex-ey fabric, these are actually thicker, so they appeal more to many who aren’t usually fans of super stretchy jeans. Also, because of the heavier denim, they are so nice and warm to wear in the cooler weather! The Margot is cut with a higher rise of 9.5″, but don’t let that fool you. Their softness and stretch prevents you from feeling cut in half and I actually feel they are more cozy this way. They also have a cropped inseam at 26″, so they will be great for the Springtime when things get warmer, and they are super easy to tuck into boots! The Noir wash is a very dark jet black, and they easily dress up any outfit. The L’AGENCE Margot in Noir has definitely jumped to the top of my favorites and I revisit them quite often.

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - Back

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - Sitting

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - Front

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - Sweater

The L’AGENCE Margot jean comes in a wide array of your traditional washes, but of course they are in a league all their own. Here are some other available versions of the Margot jean, from Shopbop!

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - jeans 2

Images: Shopbop. Margot High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans in Stingray, Gris and Midnight

The L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Skinny Jean - Jeans

Images: Shopbop. Margot High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans in Light Vintage, Noir and Blanc

This jean sells out fairly fast, so if any of the links above don’t yield your size, shop other retailers below.

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