The Many Unique Faces of Siwy

The Many Unique Faces of Siwy

There are many denim brands that catch my eye…but of course it always depends on the mood or occasion. For vintage, I like AG or Joe‘s, for edgy and fun I like Kill City or Blank NYC, and for clean with a side of flash and bling while still staying classy I tend to think of Siwy! I really only have three pairs from this brand, one of which I scored for SUPER cheap on years ago, one given to me by a friend that’s a little too big with a super faded wash that I use for outdoor activities, and a beautiful pair of the Hannah Slim Crop that I got to review on Denimology last year (they are so AWESOME). Oh yeah and then there’s a pair of their Camilla shorts that are also a bit big, so I wear them when I’m going for a casual, slouchy look. I am subscribed to Siwy‘s newsletters, and I’m always enjoying them because there are so many new styles always popping up with super crafty embossing, embroidery, foil stamping, eyelets (a la the Hannah in Rola Bola above), zipper placement, beautiful shading and wash details, mixed fabrics, paint splattering, patching, vibrant colors (darn you Hannah in Surf City for selling out so quickly!), well placed distressing and other amazing, quality details that make the brand stand out among the rest. I was initially just going to make this post about the Hannah, possibly Siwy‘s most popular skinny, but their entire skinny line is full of these beautiful styles so I just grabbed all of the ones that warranted some ooohs and aaahs from me!

Shop all of Siwy’s beautiful skinny jeans here!


    • Lana May 7, 2015 / 9:55 am

      Thanks girl! I’d take them all if I could haha! Loving your blog, design and all. Great style ๐Ÿ˜‰

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