The Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

I know, I pretty much just wrote about this brand like three posts ago…but can you really blame me? You’d do the same if you were me—if you ran a blog based on sustainable fashion and had a top favorite brand that consistently released some of the most original, high quality, and affordable ethical pieces out there. Nomads Hemp Wear is slowly but surely taking over my closet…guilt free! As mentioned in several of my posts before about them, this Canadian brand has taken sustainable apparel and made it a lot more widely available for the masses. I don’t just mean in terms of affordability, but also in terms of style. Everything they create can be worn at festivals, street, out on the town or just to lounge around the house, and I feel it all brilliantly caters to a large range of tastes. Nomads Hemp Wear pieces may be super original and creative, but it also encapsulates a fairly minimal aesthetic. In a world where so many eco friendly brands are more about basic wardrobe essentials, these guys take it a very pleasing step further.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I cover every seasonal release from Nomads Hemp Wear, and I’m not stopping anytime soon…I was so excited yesterday to realize their new Fall/Winter collection is now out! One thing I do love about the brand is that they re-release several much loved styles along with a good sized handful of brand new ones each season. This way, if you miss an item you’ve had your eyes on, most likely it will return again in the next release! The Axiom Leggings are a great example of that. I fell in love the first time I saw them and grabbed them as soon as they were available again the next season. Same goes for the gorgeous Revelation Tunic. This one was new for Spring/Summer 2018, and I reluctantly shrugged it goodbye when I missed out on it last time around. Luckily, the brand is sending me one which I will feature in an upcoming post (it’s been awhile since I’ve done product reviews, so I’m pretty excited for this one)! I also wanted to note that pretty much every style you see here comes in several other colors, so click through if you’re on the fence!

Here are my favorite pieces from the new Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Awesome, right? Shop everything from Nomads Hemp Wear here.


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