The Nomads Hemp Wear Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

I’m sure you’ve spotted a little incessant brand loyalty here and there throughout my posts by now…there are definitely those brands I’ve discovered while running this blog that I’ve consistently been impressed with to the point where I don’t ever think I’ll ever stop writing about them. Some brands come and go and change so fast you don’t know what happened, and some lose quality over time. I’ve also noticed that with this eco-fashion movement, sometimes it’s hard to tell which are simply riding the marketing wave and which really do care about being more environmentally conscious. Even with the truly sustainable brands, the prices can drive out much of the potential consumers who simply aren’t able to add fresh new pieces to their wardrobe every season…and some of those brands are more on the minimal, more modern side without much variety in designs, which isn’t everyone’s taste. I’m all for spending more on less items to fill my closet with the very (beautiful) basics, but lets be real here, most of us love a fresh new piece or way to express our individual senses of style each season. Nomads Hemp Wear is a brand that stands out in a way that addresses every one of these concerns in a uniquely beautiful way.

Nomads Hemp Wear is a brand out of Canada which constantly churns out pieces that could either be seen on the street or your nearest music festival, with a design aesthetic that can please both the minimalist and those who like to stand out. Many of their items work wonderfully as wardrobe essentials and some of them make the perfect statement piece when you’re feeling a little extra. As far as the sustainable side, everything is ethically manufactured with hemp, organic cotton, soy or bamboo, and all of them are super soft to the skin. Every season is fresh in just the right way‐some of the previous season’s designs return with a few new colors or prints in case you missed them the last time around, and there’s always a handful of new pieces to join the ranks. In a way I like this, so I don’t feel like buying everything every time there’s a new seasonal collection (and believe me, it takes some serious self control). One of my favorites from last year was the super cool Demure Tank (of course I snatched it up first thing after I featured the 2018 Spring/Summer collection) and I’m loving the new Spectrum Legging in Alchemy (I have a few different prints from previous seasons and love wearing them around the house and eveywhere else). The new Molokai Tunic above has also caught my eye (in black) as well as the Sangria Dress. Most of these come in different colors so click on in to find your perfect match. Oh, and the best part? Everything is super affordable as far as super high quality, sustainable goods go—I’ve had some items from this brand for so long and they still hold up like new!

Here are my favorite items from the Nomads Hemp Wear Spring/Summer 2019 release!

“Consumerism is all about the power of choice. Choose the planet with clothing that’s like a rock anthem of Earth-love: bamboo leggings that could shake you all night long, and hemp hoodies that make you want to give us all your lovin’ (all your hugs and kisses too). Fashion forward eco style for an organic future friendly life.”

“Like the cherry on the cake of sustainable dressing our tops, tanks, hoodies and t-shirts are all fair trade and made from organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp goodness.”

“Take a step back, stay grounded, and stay strong in our luscious sustainable organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp leggings, pants, booty shorts, and sassy skirts. Bottoms for a sustainable future. Listen to your bass go Boom!”

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