The Popularity of Overalls is Still Going Strong

All of us remember the classic overalls from our childhood years, even if you weren’t someone who owned a pair. I did! At the time I didn’t care at all about fashion, and wore them mostly for the convenience and comfort. I still remember my short pair. As we all know, trends seem to pop up from nostalgic times of the past—just look at all the styles that have re-emerged from the ’80s and early ’90s over the last few years! In 2014, the overall made a huge comeback, and although its popularity wavered since then, it appears it’s still going pretty strong. However, it’s evolved a lot since that re-emergence, now coming in more refined, skinny and fashionable options rather than the typical frumpy outdoorsy workwear look. I’ll admit I do not own a pair, as it’s one of those trends that I’m not sure about personally. That doesn’t matter to me much though, because it’s still awesome to me to watch what gets released every season, and I will say that there are some people who truly can rock them (I’m looking at you, Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr)!

Since this overalls thing has seemed to plant its roots deep enough in the denim industry and I keep seeing it pop up every few seasons, I figured I’d revisit it and share some of the most stylish pieces I’ve seen lately! Maybe, just maaaayyybee, they will eventually entice me to jump in…I kinda like some of those darker washed skinny styles (even if I don’t quite see them being on myself yet)! What do you think?

Diggin’ it? Here’s several more to choose from, in a wide range of brands and prices!

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