The Sheer Maxi Dress by For Love & Lemons

Just like the boyfriend jean, the Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote, and high-waisted jeans, the sheer maxi dress is a trend that I first abhored before finally accepting its lure of a love/hate relationship and then inevitably gave in to its unique temptation. I’m still not sure if I completely feel that what’s basically just a mini dress that can’t decide if its warm or cold out is really my style, but once again, the fashion world seemed to pull off hacking at a trend as long as it took to get it right. I’m really digging the version of the sheer maxi dress by For Love & Lemons caught my eyes (along with the brand’s effortless bohemian feel that gives my favorites Gypsy 05 and Free People a run for their money), and that Antigua dress is quite alluring, isn’t it? I’m thinking a fancy French Riviera soirée at an open-air beach lounge at sunset…le sigh.

I think the reason I wasn’t partial to the trend at first is because it seemed to be limited to the only-stylish-for-the-occasion Coachella crowd and seemed too forced and “look at me.” However, like any new trend that pops up from time to time, this one didn’t die, and as new hot brands picked it up and reworked it, it turned into something even grownups could wear, and mean it. The contrast between the sheer skirt and the opaque…well, rest of the dress, used to be a lot higher with a very basic and boring cutoff between the two, and now it seems there are better and more elegant options that blend the two in a way that is more appealing to me, some pushing it even further and glamorous with embellishments and lace. I’d rock it!

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