The Wonder Jean by James Jeans Blends Denim x Athleisure

I know I was on a roll reminiscing on the wonder that was the Global Eclipse Gathering a few weeks ago, sharing anything that has to do with independent and sustainable apparel designers I discovered there, but I can’t neglect the denim aspect of my blog, can I? I at least try to keep a healthy variety! I am still always keeping my eyes on what’s new in the world of denim, and one thing I noticed is the competition between the still-growing athleisure industry is still going fairly strong. At music festivals, I never wear jeans and opt for leggings, but in my everyday life I could never give up my beloved denim collection. Although I’ve grown a taste for the vintage denim trend that’s grown lately in a response to all of the supersoft and stretchy fabric technologies out there, it’s still amazing to me how comfortable these denim fabrics are. They definitely give a lot of the leggings on the market a run for their money!

Over the years I’ve written a lot about the brands who have adopted technologically advanced fabric blends to compete with everyday activewear, such as AG, Mavi, 7 For All Mankind, AYR and Diesel, to name a few. All of these advancements allow for 360 degree movement, supreme comfort and asset-enhancing fits with stretchy fibers like Lycra or Spandex, and sometimes the baby-soft Tencel or Lyocell (also both sustainable and environmentally friendly) for softness. The Twiggy Dancer by James Jeans is another great one I had a chance to review, and now James has another one to add to their collection: the Wonder Jean.

The Wonder Jean by James Jeans is “the jean you may forget to take off before bed.” With a fabric blend of modal, cotton, polyester and spandex, this denim legging is made to show off your curves with a rise of 8.75″ and back rise of 13″ while providing “superb comfort.” It features a seamless design, and comes in five classic yet beautiful washes. I am digging the Valor wash, which is a pretty olive green, and if you prefer a little distressing there’s also the sleek black Vixen wash. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of distressing, there’s always Pure Black. Unleashed is your classic dark blue, and Minx is a gorgeous mid-grey (because grey denim will never go out of style). If you’re still skeptical about a curvy fit (I know, it can be tough to be sure when you’re looking at svelte models), James Jeans has been known to have a smaller waist and more ample behind, and it definitely fits my curvier more athletic shape pretty darn well.

“The Wonder Jean: The jean you may forget to take off before bed. It is the perfect fit showing off your curves while serving up superb comfort. The seamless design will let you do whatever your heart desires.”

“Mix-up your favorite styling: it can be your everyday ready-to-wear jeans, athleisure pants, and dress pants for a formal look.”

Shop all styles of the Wonder Jean from James Jeans here!

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