Timeless Leather Bags from the Madewell Abroad Collection

Timeless Leather Bags from the Madewell Abroad Collection

Image: Madewell

I think it goes without saying that you can’t have one bag. At least, that holds true for most of us that enjoy employing our creative sense of style in our everyday getups for every occasion and need. Every time I think I finally have enough, I have another that somehow fills a niche in my wardrobe that I just must have. However, as much fun as I like to have with finding the most unique, eye-catching statement bags, I really always find myself gravitating back to the basic (but not so basic) bags that go with everything, keep everything secure, hold up well, and seem to fit whatever destination I’m heading to. I usually like going with leather bags for durability, smell (yes, smell), and the fact that it just gets better with age. I’ve been eyeing Madewell’s bags for awhile now, which is no surprise. This brand is best known for quality and timeless goods, and I have written about their eco friendly swimwear, jeans that fit nearly all bodies, and bags several times. Now, the carrot is being dangled in front of my nose once again with new leather bags from their Abroad collection.

Like most good things from Madewell, their Abroad Collection is simple and sweet, with totes, shoulder bags, convertibles and crossbodies. They have just added a few colorblocking styles, and most already come in several tasty and easy-to-style color choices, like “Nectar Gold”, “True Black”, and “Dark Toffee”. Each is made from top quality leather and ooze vintage appeal. Many are even big enough to securely hold your iPad, books, and 13″ laptops, so they really will take you far, wherever you go! I’m a sucker for big simple totes like the one below, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m already adding it to my coveted list.

Here are all the delicious bags from Madewell’s Abroad Collection. Click through to each to see all available colors!

Shop Madewell’s Abroad collection here for more timeless leather bags.

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