Today is Denim Day 2015

Today is Denim Day 2015 - Campaign Poster

Today is Denim Day 2015

The year was 1992, someplace in Italy. A 45 year old driving instructor was convicted with the rape of his 18 year old student, and sentenced. However, in 1998, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction. Why? The victim happened to be wearing tight jeans…so tight, that she most have aided her attacker in removing them in order for this assault to take place, thus making it consensual. In protest, the women of the Italian Parliament wore jeans to work the next day. For 15 years, Peace over Violence has run a campaign in response to this incident every April (for Sexual Violence Awareness Month) on a Wednesday, titled Denim Day, asking participants around the U.S.A. to wear jeans in support against destructive and wrong attitudes towards sexual assault. This year, this important day is TODAY, April 29th. I’m a big fan of jeans obviously, and tight ones at that, so you could say every day is Denim Day for me. You can bet I’ve got mine on today! Rock those babies proudly, gals, and guys too! You can also donate and register your participation at the Denim Day website.

Today is Denim Day 2015

GUESS has come forth as a major supporter of Denim Day. “GUESS is thrilled to expand their reach to all of North America as well as adding all Marciano stores to the retail roster participating in these philanthropic efforts while continuing to promote Denim Day within the GUESS, GUESS Factory, and G by GUESS brands with a chain-wide in-store, digital and online marketing campaign. It is the GUESS Foundation’s mission to encourage men and women everywhere to wear jeans on April 29, 2015 and take a stand against violence. GUESS will promote Peace Over Violence’s Denim Day messaging in storefront windows and in-store signage all around the world, email marketing, mobile marketing and social media posts.

In honor of Denim Day 2015, the GUESS Foundation will donate $2 for every pair of jeans and select accessories sold including a watch, jewelry, shoes, fragrance, handbag and eye-wear to Peace Over Violence starting Monday, April 20th through Wednesday, April 29th. With this donation, the GUESS Foundation is privileged to provide victims with hotline crisis counseling, therapy sessions with licensed counselors, sexual abuse response teams to accompany rape survivors to hospitals and high school educational series on teen dating and violence prevention. In addition, volunteer training sessions.”

Read about GUESS’s participation at Denimology here!

Today is Denim Day 2015 - Guess

There will be a special rally in NYC for your east-coasters. Everyone will be gathering at Cadman Plaza Brooklyn at 930am to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at 10am to the Rally at City Hall at 11am. There will be a mini denim fashion show at the steps of City Hall as well! Read more about this event at Denimology here.

Fashion Week Brooklyn is also involved, and wrote a special piece about Denimology’s involvement and support right here!

I feel silly for only knowing about this campaign this year! It will definitely be on my radar for years to come. Read more about Peace Over Violence here, and their campaign Denim Day here.

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