TOMS Celebrates World Sight Day

TOMS Celebrates World Sight Day

TOMS Lobamba Steel Blue Whiskey Tortoise Sunglasses

TOMS Celebrates World Sight Day

Most of us are already familiar with the amazing humanitarian efforts of TOMS shoes…mainly their One for One® campaign, in which the brand will give one pair of shoes to a child in need with every shoe purchase or one week of clean water to a person in need with every bag of coffee purchased! TOMS fans also enjoy the collaborations they have with artists and musicians, like the recent Paul Van Dyk partnership. I’m subscribed to the TOMS newsletter and I love always watching how active they are in their cause—there is always something cool going on. Now, with World Sight Day coming up on October 9, TOMS is applying their One for One® campaign to all eyewear on their website. However, in this case, with every eyewear purchase, a person in need of sight restoration or medical assistance in order to return to their jobs or school, which otherwise were a struggle because of visual impairment.

TOMS is partnered with organizations like the Helen Keller International’s ChildSight program and Marium Eye Hospital to provide these life-changing services to those in need, and the success stories are so moving! I myself have contact lenses (I can’t see worth crap without them), and I cannot imagine living somewhere without the care we are so fortunate to have available to us. Oftentimes the fashion world can be a little self-centered at times, so companies like TOMS are very refreshing. TOMS wants fans to get involved through Instagram, asking everyone to snap a photo of something that represents what sight means to them, and posting it with the hashtag #GIVESIGHT.

For over 250,000 patients treated by TOMS Giving Partners in 13 countries, restored independence for both a patient and caretaker is just one of the powerful impacts we’re excited to share with the TOMS community this World Sight Day. On Oct. 9, snap a photo of what sight means to you and hashtag it #GIVESIGHT. To learn more, visit

TOMS Celebrates World Sight Day - Optical Line

TOMS Optical Line

I wrote more about the campaign than the actual products here, probably for good reason though! But I dig their eyewear line…and some of these items are unisex too. How cool are the Lobamba Steel Blue Whiskey Tortoise Sunglasses sunglasses at the top of this post? And those cat-eyed glasses…cute!

Read more about TOMS’s campaign for World Sight Day and shop the collection!

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