Transitional Activewear by Crane & Lion

Transitional Activewear by Crane & Lion

First off, I apologize for the missed post on Monday. I was taking a much-needed break and decided to not fret about missing one day as I enjoyed my Sunday relaxation day! I’m actually mulling over the idea of posting whenever I see interesting things, instead of aiming for Monday, Wednesday and Friday (although it’s not always that difficult to stick to that). Maybe Tuesday and Thursday? Or no schedule at all? What are your thoughts?

Anyway, on to our current regular scheduled posting…

You’ve probably been seeing me posting more and more about activewear, despite my initial hatorade as it slowly replaced jeans as go-to bottoms last year (although I still would rather throw on my favorite pair of skinnies and save leggings for the gym or at home). I was never a big Lululemon fan, but now there are SO MANY new ones popping up that I’m kind of falling for (thank you Facebook ads! You’re not all that bad). The latest to catch my attention is Crate & Lion, with the Long Sleeve Tee in Zinfandel topping my favorites list when I first checked out their line. This brand blends the line between fitness and fashion, moving activewear to the “front of our closets” with hand-picked fabrics for optimal support, movement, comfort, versatility, quality and style. The brand name comes from two poses in Yoga: the Crane being one that requires a lot of stamina and strength, which “inspires us to take risks and find our edge.” The Lion pose helps relieve tension through breathing. Crane and Lion combined together “reflects how we live our lives: some days want to push the limit and other days, we need to recover.”

Crane & Lion is based in Boston, which is a major athletic hub. The brand is continuously inspired by the city’s enthusiasm with fitness, entrepreneurship and design inspiration, each piece representing the active woman who wants her wardrobe to transition with, and empower her throughout the day, wherever it may take her! See some of my favorite pieces below.

Today’s increasingly active lifestyle allows us women to marry our two loves: fitness and fashion. Activewear has moved to the front of our closets; a welcomed move which inspired the creation of Crane & Lion.

As active women, we want our wardrobes to transition with us throughout any kind of day. Some days we decide to push our limits and others days, we can all admit, we need to recover. Crane & Lion strives to empower the statement you make on each day no matter how intense, or relaxed, you require it to be.

Our design philosophy stems from the desire to provide women with resilient clothing that is also chic and sophisticated. Our hand-chosen fabrics and functional designs provide for optimal movement, comfort and support. Understated yet interesting details and colors merge to create stylish, versatile and quality clothing.

Our performance wear combined with our fashion-forward pieces will effortlessly transition you from the gym, to meetings, to social engagements, and back. At Crane & Lion, we will continuously aspire to be a part of your everyday fitness fashion statement.

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