The Tumbleweed Gets a Classy Upgrade

Same Tree

The Tumbleweed Gets a Classy Upgrade

“By taking the old and turning it into something innovative and new, it’s like I’m giving life to a piece of history. I never know when I’ll come across my next revival but I know it when I see it.”

My mother told me that when I was little, it would take a whole hour to take one lap around the block, because I had to stop at EVERYTHING I saw on the ground to either examine or collect. Now, I’m not too different (sometimes to the playful ire of my hubby). Take me to the beach and I’ll come home with a handful of pretty rocks. I love appreciating things around me…especially things that would otherwise be seen as junk…I remember in school re-purposing things I found around the schoolyard like pencils, pens, erasers, you name it (Lana, thy name is packrat). I’ve always admired nature, particularly deserts…so “dead,” and untouched, and open. The desert staple, the tumbleweed, is something that represents isolation, abandonment, and maybe even death, but I always kind of thought the image of a tumbleweed bounding across a desert represented life, albeit small, or hope amongst a “barren” landscape.

A Scoutmob newsletter alerted me to this awesome artist that struck me due to the above reasons. Same Tree is made up of Nicole, Robert, and Jayne Boles, who all believe in repurposing — taking otherwise unneeded items and recreating them into something special. Everything is made in the USA to support independent artisans, local manufacturing and small business too! Same Tree offers all sorts of artwork to add to your interior decor project. Check out this repurposed wood made into furniture! They also make all kinds of different lighting, and my focus in particular here is on one of them — these beautiful tumbleweed chandeliers as part of their Native collection. Look how alive they look! I love them…they make me want to have a special room in my house dedicated to the ruggedness of the outdoors.

All chandeliers can be purchased here!

Same Tree - Native Horizontal ChandelierSame Tree - Native Chandelier PetiteSame Tree - Native ChandelierSame Tree - Native Chandelier Classic

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