Turn Up Your Awesome with TUYA

Turn Up Your Awesome with TUYA

Turn Up Your Awesome with TUYA

I’m finding it awesome and kind of exciting that this week’s posts seem to fall right in line with the fact that Burning Man is occurring as I type. Since I can’t attend this year, at least I’m living it vicariously through a few blog posts! Today’s post elaborates on a brand I highlighted on a previous post, Party Worthy Athletic Leggings. Since this brand is far more deep and colorful than a little feature as part of a collection of features, I figured it definitely warranted its own post, and many more in the future. TUYA, which stands for Turn Up Your Awesome, is an incredible brand that represents charity first, and apparel/accessories second. I discovered them at Lucidity Festival this year, and I’ve been a giant fan since. I’ve been in touch with them to help them get their word out, so I’ll be writing a lot more about them later on!

TUYA is run by Founder/CEO/Director of Awesomeness Drew Stern, and is “is a lifestyle empowerment brand on a mission to challenge and encourage people to live their lives to their truest & highest selves, while bringing awareness and solutions to important social causes.” The brand was born when Drew traveled to Guatemala in 2010 and met Juanita, a local woman who made a living off baking and selling bread. Drew fell in love with her ambitions, and began creating tee shirts featuring her face and sales pitch (“¿Quiree Paaaan?”) to help her out. Ten percent of sales went to her, and Drew quickly realized how beneficial it is to be selfless, and developed a mission that whatever he brought into the world would also be to also benefit the greater good. TUYA was born shortly after!

Turn Up Your Awesome with TUYA - About

TUYA collaborates with communities all over the world in a commitment to make the world a better place by promoting education, leadership, the arts and leading healthy lifestyles, and promises that 11% of all merchandise proceeds will be donated to “measurable direct-action social causes, forever.” The number 11 is believed to be a sacred number, representing a spiritual awakening, according to numerology. It also holds a place in Drew’s heart as a number he saw everywhere after his father’s death. Currently, TUYA directs these funds to help families in Nepal suffering from the lack of clean water, and thus deaths due to the dehydrating effects of the resulting diarrhea that this dirty water causes. In collaboration with LiveLeaf technology, one dollar is equal to one LifeDrop, which is an all natural digestive remedy to combat diarrhea that has been reviewed and used by many of the top doctors in the area. The goal here is to increase productivity and school attendance, reduce mortality, system wide burden cost and cost to local health systems, and eliminating reliance on potentially ineffective and harmful treatments. TUYA‘s very ambitions summer goal is to raise $20,000 to save $20,000 lives!

Drew also realizes that in the wake of the unfortunate greed and mistrust with many charitable organizations nowadays, full financial transparency is important. A new website is being built for TUYA which will provide reports on how much money has been donated through partner organizations and how much net profits are made.

So with the most important meaning behind this awesome brand I’ve fallen in love with up front and center, here are some of the beautiful products TUYA has to offer to support its cause!

Turn Up Your Awesome® is a Challenge; We are an Invitation to take it to the Next Level. Our goal is to bring products to the world with purpose, to inspire others with a relentless message to live life to the fullest.” – TUYA‘s mission statement

TUYA is currently running a giveaway for a yoga package, made up of $150 worth of various items from their shop! You can enter up to 15 times, and the winner will be announced this Sunday the 6th at 9pm PST. So, hurry up and enter now, here!

Turn Up Your Awesome with TUYA - Giveaway

I have two of TUYA’s leggings and I will vouch for you that they are indeed AWESOME. They fit so well and really feel like you are wearing nothing! I’ve worn them to festivals, parties, and DJ gigs, and have gotten a ton of compliments on them, like the website warns! So check out TUYA, read more about them, an support their selfless cause by shopping their quality and super fun products here. You can also shop with confidence that all products are also sustainable and eco-friendly (of course)!

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