Unique Denim Pieces by MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze

Unique Denim Pieces by MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze


Unique Denim Pieces by MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze

Collaborations in the denim industry are always super exciting. There is definitely something very special about seeing two amazing artists working together to make something even greater! I’ve written so much about how artwork and denim have gone hand in hand for…well, almost ever, and it’s not hard to find paint splattered details on a premium denim piece. Last year I wrote about Nok Nok Denim and artist Jackson Pollock’s collaboration to create denim pieces painted with Pollock’s energetic “drip” technique, and now we’ve got a new one that I’m really excited to share with all of you!

MADE GOLD is the denim company run by Marta Goldschmied, daughter of denim guru Adriano Goldschmied (of AG Jeans), which was exciting enough in itself to me! Lately, the brand has joined up with artist Yuki Haze to produce a limited edition line of hand painted jeans, shorts and jackets. This Tokyo-born illustrator is also a co-founder of the online magazine Sukeban, but her passion lines in clothing design, illustration and set design. At this time, Yuki is on the hunt for models, photographers and stylists who want to work with her signature illustrations. MADE GOLD is such a perfect company to take on the job, as Marta already has filled up her line with all sorts of edgy styles featuring paint splatters, eyelets, lace-up and distressing details.

As noted in the topmost image, each item purchased will be custom made for the buyer and will require a 15-day delivery. These are definitely super cool and are sure to turn heads and start conversations!

Shop or peruse the entire MADE GOLD x Yuki Haze collaboration here!

Find out more about Yuki here.

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