Uniquely Genuinely Bohemian Pieces by ZhenNymph

Uniquely Genuinely Bohemian Pieces by ZhenNymph

Image: ZhenNymph

Uniquely Genuinely Bohemian Pieces by ZhenNymph

This is one of those beautiful brands that I should have included in my “Independent Designers for Festival Attire or Alternative Style” post awhile back, as it definitely deserves a mention! I re-discovered ZhenNymph recently and recognized some of the pieces from the Etsy shop! There are so many big brands out there pushing the ultra popular bohemian look, and even though I don’t want to be hating on Free People (believe me, I’m not! I wish I could buy everything there so I always fear walking into their stores!), but sometimes the look starts to feel a little played out and redundant. Festival season is when it really shines…but the true free spirits let no event or season limit them. ZhenNymph was created by Henn a.k.a. “Zhenn”, who began making her own clothing in 2007 and selling them on her travels around Europe and Asia. The brand took off, and I’d say it gives most other bohemian brands a serious run for the money! You can tell she puts so much love into her work, with these amazing designs that are beautiful and yet still say so much. I love how so many of them can definitely be worn at festivals, but many of the pieces have more of a couture look (without the couture price), that anyone could wear on a day to day basis. Zhenn practices meditation at meditation retreats and you can definitely see her peaceful spirit through her work, and she also offers wholesale to anyone who owns a shop and wants to carry her works of art. This is one of those times I wish I did, and could!

I was going to do like I usually do and cut product images together in collages but the photography is so beautiful and speaks the brand so well that I decided just to let a few of these images do the talking for you. There are so many more great ones, and it was hard to choose, but these are my favorites! Click on each image or the link below the image for the full product page to shop!

Uniquely Genuinely Bohemian Pieces by ZhenNymph - Zolla Top

Image: ZhenNymphZolla Top

ZhenNymph also carries tons of gorgeous jewelry pieces featuring gemstones and precious metals, and even home decor and yoga gear (including some AMAZING mats!). Click here to shop the full store and see an amazing example of a true bohemian brand.


  1. Kathleen Cohen July 30, 2022 / 4:04 pm

    Where can I purchase these ✌

    • Lana August 1, 2022 / 2:57 pm

      Hello! This is an old post from 2015 so these items may no longer be available, but there are links within the article to visit the website and what they are currently offering! Click on any image, captions below the image, and the link within the text at the bottom to visit their website 🙂 Glad you like them! They are still a big favorite of mine.

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