Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY - Side View

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY

While on my usual daily morning ritual that is sifting through my inbox and seeing what kinds of sample sales are starting, I discovered a line of fabulously awesome tanks and tees from a brand called Edista on Hautelook. With my growing closet and need to downsize, I’ve become a lot more picky with what I shop for, which is a whole lot different than my college years when I was ALL about the Forever 21-type fast fashion, coming home with bags of stuff only to wear each piece maybe once or twice. I love darker items no matter the season, and I definitely have a better eye now for what will fit best with what I already own. So anyway, I was all about this Edista sale due to the huge variety of darker pieces with unique prints and details. I just grabbed one piece for now though, this awesome black, navy, purple, orange and red tank with tiny rhinestones and red trim, and I’m already eyeing more at Nordstrom Rack! But the funny thing is, I wanted to write about this brand, but when I received my tank, the tag said Vanilla Sugar. I looked up both brands and really didn’t find anything at all about either one. Neither had a website, and appear to be pretty much the same brand. Interesting. Regardless, it’s a rad top, and I’ll remember the name for future Hautelook sales for sure! I am also wearing a pair of jeans sent to me by European denim manufacturer SOORTY, which I will be reviewing very shortly. Stay tuned for that! I also love playing with the classic fedora look! I initially only got one for a DJ gig years ago for a menswear-inspired cabaret-type outfit, but I kind of fell for the fun it added to my wardrobe. My shoes are from Urban Outfitters from a long time ago. I had my hubby snap these photos on an after-work jaunt down to our local farmer’s market! Check below these photos for some of my favorite pieces from this Edista/Vanilla Sugar brand on Nordstrom Rack. The brand(s) also have plus sizes!

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY - Front View

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY - Front View 2

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY - Front View 3

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY - Front View 4

Vanilla Sugar and SOORTY - Side View 2

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