Vegan Footwear from Matt & Nat

Vegan Footwear from Matt & Nat

Image: Matt & Nat

When I shop for footwear I’m usually hunting for leather styles due to durability and luxurious way it softens and breaks in. I’m definitely a second-hand shopper these days to keep things even more sustainable (both for the planet and my wallet), and it’s not too difficult to find the things I need with a little hunting. However, I understand the needs and different lifestyles of others, and I am always interested in finding stylish and durable alternatives to anything that involve animal products. It can be tough with vegan leather since there is so much out there that falls apart easily and also ventures into the not-so-sustainable route with the use of plastics. Two of the vegan leather brands that I always trust are BLANKNYC and Matt & Nat. I have several pieces from both, but for this post I’m focusing on the latter, from which I own a wallet as well as a clutch which I use all the time and it’s held up for many many years. I believe this brand is best known by their eco-friendly vegan handbags, but I wanted to share some of their vegan footwear with my readers as well!

Matt & Nat’s sustainability lies not only in the vegan realm, but also with their use of recycled plastic bottles in the lining of their bags. They also use cork, rubber and PU (polyurethane) instead of PVC (polyvinylchloride), which is more harmful to the environment. These beautiful classy shoes will fit any need you might have, from a new pair of rain boots to a comfy pair of sneakers to run errands in to your new go-to heels for evenings out. They are all made from PU and as a bonus, many of these styles are currently 50% off! So if there is anything here you’re coveting, you might want to grab it fast.

Here are some of my favorites from Matt & Nat’s vegan footwear collection.

This collection holds a lot more items than I could include here…it’s about four pages long! Check everything out here.

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