Watches at Shoppe by Scoutmob

Watches at Shoppe by Scoutmob - Sunbird Leather Watch

Shoppe by Scoutemob: Sunbird Leather Watch

Watches at Shoppe by Scoutmob

I love my daily newsletters from Shoppe by Scoutmob, as my regular dose of uniquely authentic independently crafted goods. They seem to really pop as a great source of quality leather items, from belts to wallets to bags, cardholders, holsters and even beer growler carriers and wrapped flasks. I just love how untreated and raw all of the leather goods look, which really adds to the authentic artisan touch that they have. I was going to write a general post about these great gift ideas but my attention focused more on the beautiful, simplistic watches offered. Most are for men, and I saw three for women, but really most look pretty unisex, depending on your tastes. The best part though? The prices. I didn’t see any watches over $70 or so, which makes me want to snag one up for myself!

It’s our humble belief that by surrounding ourselves with the authentic, the unique and the curious, our lives are more awesome. We celebrate the independent makers by seeking out their inspired goods and crafted experiences, providing meaningful ways for our users to connect for themselves. “

All of these watches are hand-constructed by Rhythm Leather with some pretty impressive leather, like the Women’s Wrap Watch which is made of bison leather. Many are made with vegetable-tanned leather. You can also choose your correct size by the half inch.

I am a big fan of wrap watches (La Mer being my usual choice) and minimal designs with faces that aren’t too bulky. I think of all of these, I’d have to choose the Sunbird watch, which is only $42! All the pretty colors it comes in makes it definite eye candy, too…and you can’t hold me back from supporting the individual artists out there.

Click on any of the individual links above for any of the Shoppe by Scoutmob watches or peruse their entire leather goods collection here.

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