Zappos Introduces Sustainable Shopping with Goods for Good

Goods for Good - Sustainable Shopping at Zappos

Image: Zappos

One thing I notice when out doing my usual sustainable shopping online and perusing topics to share here on my blog is the lack of any kind of guide integrated within your usual shopping sites to find those brands. There are so many these days who have taken the initiative to clean up their act when it comes to their manufacturing processes, and most major retailers online do carry their goods. However, it still takes a bit of research to find them if you’re a shopper with a conscience, and I know as well as you do that many of us just don’t have that kind of time. Sustainable shopping can be extremely time consuming! This is why I’m stoked to see that one household name retailer has taken action. Last month, Zappos introduced their Goods for Good initiative for those seeking to shop brands that care for the environment or give back in some way, and I’m really hoping other brands follow suit real soon, as more and more shoppers have become more aware of sustainable shopping (hear that, Revolve and Shopbop?)!

Zappos, usually known for their huge selection of footwear, also carries apparel, jewelry and bags, and highlights all of these categories in their Goods for Good guide for both women and men. Another thing I really appreciate is their brand stories which highlight certain do-good brands. I’m already a fan of several, such as tentree (also plants trees with every purchase), Life is Good and the rugged outdoor brand Fjällräven. I’ve also written a lot about TOMS here, which is also included in the shopping guides!

Scroll down below to see how Zappos has stepped forward ahead of the pack with their new sustainable shopping initiative, and some of my favorite items from each category.

Friendly Footwear
Goods for Good from Zappos - Friendly Footwear

Image: Zappos

Clean Up Your Closet
Goods for Good from Zappos - Clean Up Your Closet

Image: Zappos

Bags for Every Budget
Goods for Good from Zappos - Bags for Every Budget

Image: Zappos

Jewelry With a Message
Goods for Good from Zappos - Sustainable Shopping - Jewelry With a Message

Image: Zappos

Brand Stories

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Pretty awesome, right? Shop Zappos’s Goods for Good guide here!

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