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Yours Truly

My tastes are limitless, and so are my interests. I love a myriad of things…often very different things, which can cause a lot of dissonance in my life at times, like a musical chord with a rogue note. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, there is at least one constant: I am obsessed with denim and sustainable, eco-friendly design. I am product reviewer for Denimology.com, and love to share my passions with others, as well as help new or upcoming brands gain exposure (I root for the little but big guys!). I am a web developer and graphic designer by day, I DJ on occasion by night (house and techno) since 2007, and I have way too many jeans (I won’t spill how many)…which is probably the fault of a local boutique I used to design promo collateral for, which sparked the obsession! Then several years later, Denimology came along, and before I knew it I was a brand new blogger and my jean fetish was suddenly validated. However, I’m a lover of all things fun, different and fresh. This blog is named to reflect my distaste for things that are too mainstream or overly marketed (I’m talking about you, fast fashion), and I hope it inspires others to never limit themselves and go live life the way I believe it was meant to live: with an open and free mind, and respect for the truly talented and those who work hard to not only benefit their own brand but the world and people around them. I may be expanding this blog as time goes on, to highlight travel, design, home, and other lifestyle items that inspire me.

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