Edgy and Flirty Night Out Looks by LPA at Revolve

I love dressing up to go out. Honestly though, I haven’t been out much lately, due in part to being so exhausted from the work week. When I do go out nowadays, it’s because I have a DJ gig, am supporting a friend’s gig or I’m somewhere seeing a favorite musician or band perform. In any circumstance where I find an opportunity to hit the town, I always like dressing on the darker side. Black is my taste, along with other dark colors: olive green, burgundy, and other earthy tones. Actually, this is pretty much me all the time, but I like to have a little extra fun when I go out with edgier and more unique pieces that I don’t often see just anywhere else. I also love to see how other people with similar tastes adorn themselves, especially at rock or metal shows, or clubs that cater mostly to the alternative crowd.

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Affordable Modern Style for Dark Tastes by Marigold Shadows

As a blogger, or any creative for that matter, it’s normal to run into writing blocks. If you’ve noticed, I’ve even switched up my writing schedule to fit more of a twice-per-week plan, and sometimes I don’t write at all, if I don’t find anything that inspires me. Brands or styles that spark my fancy ebb and flow, so I feel it’s better for my blog to reflect that, rather than forcing articles that I’m not really feeling. But I never really have to fear, it seems…as every time I feel like I may finally have seen it all, another brand pops up that makes me go “oooOOOOoohh!”

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Stay Cozy and Stylish in Faux Fur Jackets this Winter

Around the time the weather gets a bit colder, my shopping attention starts to shift a little bit away from jeans and onto outerwear! Hoodies and jackets are so much fun to shop for around this time, even if I unfortunately don’t get to use them as much as I’d like here in California. It’s been pretty darn cold at night here though, and I’ve already grabbed a supersoft, faux suede and shearling jacket from American Eagle (one of my favorite places to shop). I also love jackets with faux fur trim, but I’m never all that partial to full shaggy faux fur jackets. The only time I really wear a lot of faux fur is at music festivals when it gets cold at night, like those furry hoods you’ve probably seen floating around the internet over the last few years. But, because of that party spirit, I have thought of grabbing myself a fuzzy jacket to bridge the line between festival and real life, much like a lot of the apparel from independent designers I find at festivals, and on Etsy.

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Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales

Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales - Joe's

Image: Joe’s Jeans. Shop through 9pm PST 11/29/2017.

I’m sure it was easy to gather I was M.I.A. because of this past holiday…I figured Thanksgiving would be a great time to take a bit of a break and focus on family and relaxation for a bit. While there were a ton of sales floating around that I usually enjoy posting about, I really didn’t feel much up to it this time. As much as I absolutely love supporting some of my favorite brands, especially the smaller ones, I feel we as a society have placed too much of an importance on holidays for the wrong reasons over the years. It’s funny as a blogger, trying to keep a healthy outlook on consumerism when sometimes it seems that’s all that a style blog is about. But as I’m sure you know by now, I have a true love for all of the amazing advancements in denim as well as the hard-working independent brands that strive to create a more sustainable future and live off their creative passions. Family and time off is also incredibly important, and sometimes it can also be a challenge for me to keep a healthy balance. When I find the opportunity, I realize the need to take advantage of it, and I do!

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Shop the Holiday Velvet Trend at American Eagle Outfitters

It’s that time of year again, when temperatures get cooler, people get cozier, and parties bring out the glitz. Luxe fabrics always flood the market this time of year for Christmas and New Years parties, or whatever holiday you might celebrate. Velvet has been a trend every holiday season for the past few years, and I love it. I admit I don’t really have many velvet pieces, but my red velvet flares from BLANKNYC is one of my favorite items in my closet!

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Shop Vintage Inspired Glamour with Nasty Gal Studio

I still have absolutely no idea why I’ve never bought anything from Nasty Gal…considering I’ve been a fan of Sophia Amoruso and her story of rising from the ashes (despite recent unfortunate events), and the fact that almost everything there fits my taste. I really have no good explanation for it. I mean, I’ve already written three posts about this popular shop—beautiful pieces from their holiday collection three years ago, their collaboration with Courtney Love last year, and some of my favorite picks from their 40% off sale earlier this year. Everything Nasty Gal carries is either fun and spunky or ornate and detailed. All of it is eye candy, for sure.

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Sustainable and Organic Denim and Apparel by Kuyichi

Sustainable and Organic Denim and Apparel by Kuyichi

Image: Kuyichi

The times they are a’changin’! By now it’s probably no secret that the apparel industry is a fairly dirty one—especially denim. Those pretty denim washes you love take up a lot of water, and oftentimes toxic chemicals. Cotton can contain pesticides, and take up large amounts of land to grow. More and more brands every year are adopting more organic and sustainable practices as the style industry continues to make a huge shift in awareness and manufacturing practices. It makes my heart so happy to see!

I’ve written about several eco-friendly denim lines so far, like Everlane, Sonas, Tortoise and Patagonia, as well as already well-established brands that have improved their production methods, like Joe’s and True Religion. I also did a summary in honor of Earth Month in April of 2015 of a bunch of other eco friendly denim lines. One of the brands I highlighted was Kuyichi, which continues to make awesome strides in sustainable fashion.

Kuyichi got its name from the Peruvian god of the rainbow who brings color into society. They are a Dutch denim brand which started the “organic revolution” by being the first to create organic jeans, sourced from Tanguis cotton from Oro Blanco in Peru. After witnessing the polluted and poverty-stricken cotton industry in Peru in 2000, the brand’s founders were motivated to make a change. Since jeans are the most common product created with cotton, they founded their journey by creating 100% organic cotton denim. Kuyichi also takes social responsibility seriously, working to improve manufacturing conditions in the industry. The brand also now incorporates recycled materials into their product lines, and releases sustainability reports every year which also includes information about their suppliers and code of conduct.

As I’m sure you know, fast fashion is insanely wasteful, both in quality and the idea that new clothes must be purchased each season. Kuyichi prides itself in supporting the “slow fashion” movement, creating timeless denim pieces that keeps its value all year, removing seasonal collections from its product offerings. In 2016, Kuyichi made a new start by bringing in four new owners, one being Dutch Televison host Floortje Dessing. This awesome lady knows sustainable fashion like the back of her hand, as she is the owner of two ethical fashion shops in the Netherlands since 2006 called Nukuhiva. Kuyichi also takes a step further in 2016 with their jeans by stopping the use of leather as brand patches, and instead using jacron which is a very durable material made from recycled paper.

Kuyichi is definitely a brand to keep your eyes on!

“We started the organic revolution as being the first brand to produce organic jeans. Along the way we realized that our collection is timeless and keeps its value. We started loving the concept of slow fashion. A beautiful pair of jeans keeps it’s value. That’s why we have let go of the season collections.”

“Kuyichi uses organic and recycled materials. Our collection is made of recycled denim, recycled PET, organic cotton, organic linnen and Tencel. All the cotton we use is GOTS certified.”

“At Kuyichi we believe in taking environmental en social responsibility for our actions. This includes more than making just good products at the right price. We want to give a positive impulse to the garment industry by choosing organic and recycled materials. We select our suppliers with care and want to improve conditions in this industry. Since the beginning of Kuyichi in 2001, this has been the core of our company.”

Sustainable and Organic Denim and Apparel by Kuyichi - Violet Tee - Gita Sweat Image: Kuyichi. Gita PLP LS Sweat[/caption]

“OUR name KUYICHI is derived from the Peruvian god of the rainbow who brought color in society as well. Why Peru? The first organic cotton we used was Tanguis cotton from Oro Blanco in Peru.”

Shop Kuyichi at their website here, or shop a few other denim options from the widget below:

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends

Images: Shopbop

I guess it appears I’ll be swinging one post a week for a little while here, as things are getting quite slammed over in my neck of the woods…and I have a big vacation in August to look forward to (thank God FINALLY). The summer months are always pretty busy with it being the time I’m preparing new product on a website at work, along with the usual fun events and DJ gigs. With the latter, I love wearing whatever the heck I want and getting creative. Shorty shorts are never out of the question when the sun is blaring! However, for the former, although my job is pretty lax when it comes to personal style, I still prefer a more modest option. When it’s REALLY sweltering I’ll opt for a skirt, but I’m not much of a skirt person. Not every gal has a thigh gap so chafing is always an issue, and I usually prefer the security that a pair of jeans or shorts gives!

Bermuda shorts are a great option for anyone who wants to wear shorts at work or out and about while staying more on the conservative side. Just about every one of my favorite denim companies offers knee-length options in the form of denim or soft twill, and there are definitely a lot of options to choose from out there. Colored, destroyed, cuffed, frayed…it’s just about all out there. Here are some cute styles I’d find myself wearing!

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends - American Eagle 3 Shorts

Images: American Eagle Outfitters. American Eagle Outfitters AE Twill X Trouser Bermuda in Fleet Navy and Gray, and American Eagle Outfitters AE Twill X Bermuda Short in Faded Black

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends - Shorts 7

Images: Zappos. KUT from the Kloth Natalie Bermuda in Olive and Cool Grey

Looking for more options? Here are several more, in a wide assortment of price ranges.

Incredibly Unique Styles that Empower Women by Norma Kamali

A brand that excels at designing beautiful, unique clothing is one thing…but the photography that represents it all is another. It’s all about the whole package! Without good photography, even the coolest of clothing gets lost in the sea of competition. It’s a tough world out there and I get a bazillion emails every day (partially from many of the contests I enter so I’m always unsubscribing from things), and I’m a little A.D.D. so it takes a lot to catch my undivided attention! I don’t have to say that I created this blog to share some of the most beautiful, unique talent in the apparel world out there, or that it’s always a bonus if there’s good intentions behind it…at least, if you’ve been reading my work for the last several years. Norma Kamali is the latest brand to cross my paths and I have to say I immediately bookmarked the name as soon as I spotted my first newsletter from this amazing designer.

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Go Beyond the Basic Tee with LNA

Go Beyond the Basic Tee with LNA

Image: Shopbop

We all know how much of a staple the essential tee is. It’s always been marketed to us in the form of fashion articles or ads, and like a good fitting jean, the “perfect tee” can be hard to find. With the barrage of new trends and designs that have emerged over the years, it seems a modern, minimalist company with quality essentials has become a gem among the noise. Some of my favorites are DSTLD and Michael Stars, to name a few, with Alternative and Pact Organic being favorites in the sustainable and eco-friendly apparel realm. However, as much as I love a nice essential tee, sometimes I’m finding myself looking for something a little different to switch it up now and then; basic but with something modestly unique.

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