Nomads Hempwear in the Park

I was so excited to share the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 line for you guys a little while back, mostly because it’s one of my top go-to brands. This Canadian brand creates super affordable and high quality sustainable and ethical pieces and have definitely established a solid place in my wardrobe! I have numerous pieces from them, and I was stoked for them to have sent me this gorgeous piece, the Revelation Tunic. Made from hemp terry, it’s created with contrasting panels, raw edges and eye catching yet modest detailing. It’s also super super soft, and also comes in several other color options! The brand says “this tunic is equal parts urban night out and cozy day at the cabin,” and I can’t disagree. I’ve worn this to work, to get cozy at friends’ houses, and to wander around the town, just as I do with everything else I own from the brand! That’s yet one of the things that makes their work so amazing…the versatility. Pretty much every one of their pieces in my closet also sits proudly as part of my festival wear collection.

My leggings are from another brand I’m working with currently, Seed of Creation. They are brand new and will be featured in another post soon, along with a matching bra top! These are truly unique, with the gold ink actually being infused with crushed crystals. You want to check these guys out if you haven’t yet heard of them (and I’m sure you haven’t—they are yet ANOTHER seriously underrated brand). So stay tuned! I love reviewing denim, but I am so excited to share some product from brands that fit my true passion: independent, ethical and sustainable brands!

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 2

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 3

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 4

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 5

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 6

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 6

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 7

Nomads Hempwear in the Park - 8

Shop the Nomad’s Hemp Wear Revelation Tunic here!

Buy a Winter Accessory and Give Back at American Eagle and Aerie

I’m totally all about any company that gives back with every purchase. A lot of us would love to do our part but aren’t quite sure how, so it’s nice to know some of our favorite brands are doing their best to make it easier for us! I’ve written about several other companies that have such a program, such as TOMS, Mitscoots Outfitters, and I have yet to write about another great one (and an awesome sock manufacturer), Bombas! Now another one of my all time favorite retailers, American Eagle Outfitters and their sister brand Aerie, are doing the same.

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7 For All Mankind Releases Lightweight Vintage Style with b(air) Authentic

Denim has experienced a whole lot of reinventions throughout the many years it has dominated the market ever since Levi’s became a household name in workwear. The brands on top have competed with many other emerging trends outside the denim industry, most recently being activewear emerging as streetwear. Leggings have replaced jeans in the closets of many denim fans (and I admit sometimes I prefer to go for one of those leggings that looks and feels just too cool for the gym from time to time in lieu of my favorite jeans), so for the last five years or so, some pretty incredible fabric technologies have allowed jeans to at least lightly transcend into the legging market. For me, these have been amazing, as it was hard for me to find a jean that fit my curves just right without a belt! View Full Post

New Stylish and Soft Fall Denim Arrivals from Mavi

New Stylish and Soft Fall Denim Arrivals from Mavi

Image: Mavi. ROMEE STRIJD X MAVI for FW18

Fall has finally arrived, and everyone’s favorite denim brands are beginning to release their new Fall and Winter collections. Denim is a tough one to come up with creative ideas for whenever it’s time for a new seasonal release, so many brands will work on creating fresh new washes or fabric blends to keep wearers comfortable and stylish no matter the season. Many brands are still competing against the activewear industry, as several years ago a good portion of the market demographic began wearing their gym leggings in lieu of their favorite jeans. I wrote a lot about what the top premium denim brands came up with, in terms of stretchy fabric that moves with you, in order to stay afloat in the industry. I’d have to say in all my years of being obsessed with denim, that period of time was the most exciting, as I finally found several pairs that fit me so perfectly without a belt and made me fall in love with jeans all over again. Just about all the top premium brands had their own answers to this new competition, and Mavi’s Indigo Move is one great example. I reviewed a pair last year and I still wear it happily to this day! Mavi has just released their new Fall/Winter collection, which is mostly made up with another ultra comfortable fabric blend, Supersoft.

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Ethical and Eco Friendly Wardrobe Essentials from LA Made

Even though we’re always looking for the next stylish ensemble to wear out, every woman appreciates the essentials. We’re talking the tees, tanks, slip dresses—anything that makes for effortless style. There’s also something to be said for those “jeans and a tee shirt” days as well. There are so many companies out there that cater to the need for wardrobe basics, so sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. Personally, I like to seek out the brands that take basics to the next level, like simple additions or cuts that turn a tee into a head-turning piece or anything that helps me still take a step beyond the rest even though I don’t feel like dressing up after dragging myself out of bed in the morning. Of course, if a brand meets that need for me and is sustainable, it’s a win.

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The Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

I know, I pretty much just wrote about this brand like three posts ago…but can you really blame me? You’d do the same if you were me—if you ran a blog based on sustainable fashion and had a top favorite brand that consistently released some of the most original, high quality, and affordable ethical pieces out there. Nomads Hemp Wear is slowly but surely taking over my closet…guilt free! As mentioned in several of my posts before about them, this Canadian brand has taken sustainable apparel and made it a lot more widely available for the masses. I don’t just mean in terms of affordability, but also in terms of style. Everything they create can be worn at festivals, street, out on the town or just to lounge around the house, and I feel it all brilliantly caters to a large range of tastes. Nomads Hemp Wear pieces may be super original and creative, but it also encapsulates a fairly minimal aesthetic. In a world where so many eco friendly brands are more about basic wardrobe essentials, these guys take it a very pleasing step further.

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New Velvet Pieces for Fall from 7 For All Mankind

It’s just about that time of year again…where on Earth did Summer go? I know that sounds cliché, but for real…how is it already Fall? This year, to me, has gone faster than any other year, and I don’t feel like I’ve been all that more busy than previous years. Either way, as sad as it is for me to say goodbye to pool parties, catching a tan and wine tasting, I am always so excited for the cooler weather. Not only does Fall mean holiday vacations and family time (I guess I’m lucky to look forward to that one), but it also means all of my well loved, comfy layers get to come out of hiding again. It’s also fun to see what all of my favorite brands are coming up with for their new collections. Every year, one of the most common trends for brands to bring out is velvet. I have to say I don’t yet own a single velvet item apart from my BLANKNYC flares (seen in this post from 2016), but I’m always eyeing all the beautiful velvet skinnies that flood the denim market, as well as moto blazers and boots! Apart from the eye-catching, elegant appeal of velvet, this popular fabric also has a major cozy factor. Nowadays we all prefer effortless, comfortable style, right?

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The Weirdest and Most Unique Denim at Shopbop

So for those who followed me through my last post, you know why I’ve been MIA for three weeks: I was at that little party in the desert. You know, that one that’s actually a temporary city built by 70,000 people, and also known as Burning Man! What an experience! Since my blog doesn’t focus on such things, I won’t get into details, but I’ll just say it was the most transformative experience of my life. It tested my mental strength several times, and gave me some clarity to some of the things I wanted to improve in my “default” daily life. This event also encourages everyone to be participants rather than spectators, so the collaboration we had giving back to our camp (building, bartending, helping with workshops, etc) was also extremely fulfilling considering that teamwork is not always so easy in the real world! Yeah, there was plenty of partying, but it went way deeper than that—there’s something so liberating and inspiring seeing so many people letting loose with their creativity, and doing good for others without expecting anything in return.

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Sale at Nomads Hemp Wear and Summer Vacation

Life has been pretty ridiculously busy lately (how does that seem to automatically happen as you get older? We may never really know) as I’m sure you’ve noticed, which has reduced my posts to about once a week. Every now and then, I still have to drop the ball due to life obligations, but I still love what this blog has brought me and having the platform to voice what is important to me: sustainable and eco-friendly fashion (and denim, of course), so I’m not going anywhere!! I just have to write when I can, nowadays. On that note, I’m finally leaving for another much-needed two-week vacation tomorrow! It’s been a year since my last one, when my husband and I rushed off to the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon to see the full solar eclipse and party our happy butts off with about 40,000 other hippies and hippies at heart. This year, we’re lucky enough to solidify our presence at Black Rock City…otherwise known as Burning Man! We are part of an established theme camp, Stellar Dusty Moon, and I’ll be one of the camp DJs. I also have a couple of opportunities to provide tunes elsewhere, including art cars! I can’t wait to experience this next level of free expression and “radical self reliance” in what’s meant to be a purely participatory culture (since it is pretty much a temporary city after all).

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The New Hi Honey Denim Collection from Joe’s

The New Hi Honey Denim Collection from Joe's

Image: Joe’s

Since people often ask me about jeans that fit curvier body types, I thought I would continue on the subject with this post! Joe’s often comes up in conversations on this topic, for good reason. This brand was formed in 2001, which was around the time premium denim was really starting to take hold of the market. Most of the big name denim brands at the time were all about a good fit and accentuating your assets, but unlike most, Joe’s wasn’t really about the flashy name as much as they were about the fit. They’ve always been a bit more on the revolutionary side, and gained a quick following from those who weren’t so interested in showing off a recognizable logo on their bums wherever they went. Because of this, along with their attention to market demands and willingness to evolve, Joe’s established roots that gave them a strong staying power in the game!

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