Madewell Introduces Lightweight Summer Denim Made with Hemp

Madewell Introduces Summerweight Denim Made with Hemp

Image: Madewell

I’ve noticed it totally seems there has been an explosion of sustainable production within the apparel industry since Earth Day last month (or at least more coverage), and I’m excited to have a bit of a stockpile to share for awhile now. Today, I’ll start with a release from a well-known, loved brand that’s been a solid leader in denim for a long time, and just so happens to have released a new line of denim for the summer. I know jeans aren’t necessarily the first thing we grab when it gets hot outside, like it has been lately, but I’m reminded of a style by Joe’s Jeans back in 2015 that was actually designed to keep us denim fiends cool. 7 For all Mankind also has a lighter weight style with their b(air) line, as did Mavi with Mavi Gold Feather. It’s not an entirely new concept, but lightweight summer denim is such a must for those of us who don’t like ditching our beloved jeans, and Madewell has just put together their own collection with a cool sustainable kick.

Hemp is such an incredibly sustainable fabric, as it is three times more durable than cotton (lasts longer and stays out of landfills) and takes a lot less water to grow. It is also naturally anti-microbial and offers UV protection. Although hemp denim isn’t new to the market, it’s not yet a widely-used fabric due to high production costs (I’m hoping this ends soon and it becomes more accessible to the entire industry). Several brands, like my recently-reviewed SLOW Jeans, are doing their best to change that, and now Madewell has taken a step to do the same. Madewell’s Summerweight denim collection features jeans and shorts for all bodies, including petite, tall, plus and curvy options (which is one of the amazing things this brand is known for to begin with).

Benefits of Hemp

Image: Madewell

The Summerweight denim styles from Madewell are constructed with premium cotton and elastane Orta woven with organically grown hemp. This breathable and absorbent fabric blend is the perfect lightweight summer denim option constructed to help regulate temperature. The fact that it’s more durable than your 100% cotton options, as well as supersoft, means these jeans will be a closet staple for many summers to come.

Shop Madewell’s Summerweight denim collection here.

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