AG Jeans Launches Biodegradable Denim Capsule Collection

AG Jeans Launches Biodegradable Denim Capsule Collection

Image: AG Jeans

The sustainable denim industry is kicking it lately! I suddenly have so many items I want to share with you all here, and I’m considering posting twice a week on occasion when I find time in my schedule! I’m happy to see a lot of organic cotton or hemp jeans being released, as well as better manufacturing processes (less toxic dyes, less water, etc), but now that knowledge is growing that this is a necessary thing, and consumer demand for sustainable apparel is increasing, it’s interesting watching companies push it forward even more. I’m sure the idea of biodegradable denim isn’t an immediately enticing thought, but think about it: globally, we humans manage to create about 92 million tonnes of textiles waste. Biodegradable doesn’t necessarily mean “break down after a few wears,” but rather created with more plant-based materials that won’t sit in landfills for several lifetimes, like plastic does for example. One company that is taking it to that level is AG Jeans, with their new biodegradable denim capsule collection.

The Jean of Tomorrow is AG’s brand new, super sustainable capsule collection. Made up of a women’s jean, a men’s jean, and a unisex denim jacket, each piece is created with a hemp and organic cotton fabric blend, with eco-friendly wash and dye processes. Dyed with distilled indigo and washed with advanced laser finishing (which kills the need for harsh chemicals and reduces water waste), these items are also stitched with plant-based threads and stitched rivets. Even the buttons were considered; they are made from corozo, a type of nut from the Corozo Palm. A soy-based ink is used to screen-print all labels, and get this: you might want to try to plant your hangtags, rather than throwing them out. They are created with a seed paper that will grow wildflowers when planted. I mean come on here…there’s a reason why AG calls The Jean of Tomorrow “the most sustainable jean ever made”. All of these amazing qualities makes them 100% biodegradable.

Biodegradable denim and wildflower-seed tags…I’m thoroughly intrigued. What will they think up next? I’m excited to see how this capsule collection goes, and the growth of sustainable denim worldwide.

“We live our lives in denim, but it’s hard to ignore the impact that it has on our environment. Our goal with The Jean of Tomorrow is to show the next generations that our industry can be clean and circular—challenging the conventional and continuing to push the boundaries of what is achievable with immense consideration for our planet.”

“The Jean of Tomorrow is made with traceable organic cotton, thoughtfully blended with one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world, hemp. Each product is finished with plant-based elements and eco-friendly wash and dye processes for a collection that is 100% biodegradable and kind to the Earth.”

Check out AG Jeans’ The Jean of Tomorrow here.

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