The New Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2019 Collection is Here

I’m back! Again, I believe it’s important to take periodical breaks…this time though, it’s because I made my second annual pilgrimage to that thing in the desert, Burning Man. It’s always so tough and awesome in all the best ways, and I’m thankful to have made it back for a second time. I feel freshly inspired and ready to take on life again in a positive light. However, that could all take up a whole separate post (maybe one of these days I’ll do that, but I am not big on talking about me). One of the things festivals (even though Burning Man is not exactly one) and events like this do is separate me from the mainstream commercial world and make me appreciate the individual artists more when I totally thought I couldn’t. There’s no shortage of art at Burning Man as I’m sure most of you know, but there is no commerce (for a good reason). Still though, it focuses me even more on how tough it really is for those trying to express their talents and make a difference in the world. There’s no WiFi or cell service out there so it really is disconnecting (and I love it), so it’s always interesting to get back and catch up on what is going on in the “default” world. I was excited when I got back to see one of my all time, top favorite brands has released their new seasonal line! So without much more ado about myself and my personal exploits, I’m stoked to say the new Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2019 Collection is here.

If you’ve been following me for long enough, I’m sure you’ve noticed several constants in terms of favorite brands and brand partnerships. Nomads Hemp Wear has been a longtime favorite and I’m grateful to be able to share them with you every season and highlight my favorite pieces. Ethical and sustainable style is known to be more on the pricey side (usually for good reason), and it’s unfortunate for those who mean well but have small budgets. However, this Canadian brand has found a way to make everything accessible…of course, we’re not talking Forever 21 prices here, but everything is priced so well for their do-good nature and superb quality. Everything I own from them has stood up through numerous washes and wears, and still looks like new after many years. One of the things that also stands out to me is the fact that everything they create bridges the gap between festival and everyday street style, and their creative license is so modestly unique and easy to style! My closet is slowly but surely filling up with mostly goods from them.

Every season, Nomads Hemp Wear releases a handful of beautiful new items, but they also build off their existing short-run stock. This means, if you missed something you loved from the previous season, chances are they will revive it for the next with new colorways. I’m totally on board with this! There are several pieces I grabbed later on after I saw them for the first time…and believe me, you’ll also be thankful as I’m sure you’ll want everything they have. For the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2019 collection, there are several new jackets, tops, pants and leggings and much more. However, I’m happy to also see they’ve brought back one of my favorite items, the Revelation Tunic, in a beautiful red and black design! If you remember, I reviewed this piece two seasons ago. One item that is always coming back are the beautiful Axiom leggings, which have been reworked into a super soft bamboo version (I have a soy version from years ago). I could go on and on…and on—everything is so awesome! But, I’ll let these photos from the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2019 collection do the talking for me.

“Like the cherry on the cake of sustainable dressing our tops, tanks, hoodies and t-shirts are all fair trade and made from organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp goodness. Long sleeve wraps, knitted scarves and ponchos, loose, long, fitted, cozy cool. Winter is coming…”

“Consumerism is all about the power of choice. Choose the planet with clothing that’s like a rock anthem of Earth-love: bamboo leggings that could shake you all night long, and hemp hoodies that make you want to give us all your lovin’ (all your hugs and kisses too). Fashion forward eco style for an organic future friendly life.”

“Take a step back, stay grounded, and stay strong in our luscious sustainable organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp leggings, pants, booty shorts, and sassy skirts. Bottoms for a sustainable future. Listen to your bass go Boom!”

“Get your sultan of swing on in whirly twirly soft and swirly dresses for all seasons in organic cotton, form fitting hemp, and luscious bamboo. Dresses for the rEvolution. And yes, you can wear a dress to a revolution.”

Shop everything from Nomads Hemp Wear here…there are still plenty of items on sale from previous seasons! Sign up for their newsletter for 10% off your first order.

Fran Denim Ivy Shorts in Black Review

Wearing Fran Denim's Ivy Shorts in Black

I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far in my blogging life without reviewing a pair of shorts! I’ve done so many product reviews featuring premium denim for Denimology and my own blog here since 2013, and yet I’ve always ended up with cropped or full-length styles (no complaints though!). I’ve worn denim shorts for many years now, ever since I got more confident with fitness (and especially weight lifting), so I guess it’s only appropriate I finally cover that area of the denim world. Speaking of weight lifting, even though many of my favorite shortie shorts from Siwy, American Eagle, True Religion and BDG still are my favorite in terms of fit every time summer comes around, I still find that as I keep up my gym routine, my body keeps changing year after year. I’ve noticed that I need higher cuts in the back, and a smaller waistband-to-hip-room ratio. I’ve been an advocate for Fran Denim ever since I discovered them, but even more now am I realizing how awesome they are for women who are serious about lifting weights! So, since I got some pretty good feedback on the post I made a little while ago about their new denim shorts for summer, I’m happy to share my Fran Denim Ivy Shorts in black review.

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Eco Friendly Women’s Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Eco Friendly Women's Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Image: WAMA Underwear. Women’s Hemp Hipsters

I’ve reviewed a lot of different things over the years…jeans, tank tops, a candle…but never undergarments (actually I just realized I haven’t even reviewed shorts yet). But I’m all for covering anything that’s cool in some unique way, especially if it is environmentally conscious. That last link for the candle was from a company (Hemp Blue) that also creates hemp jeans (surprise surprise), and I’ve written about a lot of companies that use hemp in their manufacturing. I was recently contacted by another one, WAMA Underwear.

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New Crystal Infused Pieces from Seed of Creation

First off, I hope everyone had a great holiday season, if that’s your thing! I’m pretty sure it was obvious I was taking a break to enjoy it…I actually ended up in Hawaii for a few days! It was a much needed break. While I was gone, one of my favorite companies I’ve worked with so far (due to the fact that they fit my main focus: short production, independently owned sustainable brands) added some of the coolest new leggings to their collections…namely the ones I wore in my last post! Something you may have only seen if you follow me on Instagram, was another piece sent to me by the brand, so as promised, I’m happy to present them both, right now! Here are two new crystal infused pieces from Seed of Creation, a family-run, ethical and sustainable brand out of Bali.

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Nomads Hemp Wear in the Park

I was so excited to share the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 line for you guys a little while back, mostly because it’s one of my top go-to brands. This Canadian brand creates super affordable and high quality sustainable and ethical pieces and have definitely established a solid place in my wardrobe! I have numerous pieces from them, and I was stoked for them to have sent me this gorgeous piece, the Revelation Tunic. Made from hemp terry, it’s created with contrasting panels, raw edges and eye catching yet modest detailing. It’s also super super soft, and also comes in several other color options! The brand says “this tunic is equal parts urban night out and cozy day at the cabin,” and I can’t disagree. I’ve worn this to work, to get cozy at friends’ houses, and to wander around the town, just as I do with everything else I own from the brand! That’s yet one of the things that makes their work so amazing…the versatility. Pretty much every one of their pieces in my closet also sits proudly as part of my festival wear collection.

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The Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

I know, I pretty much just wrote about this brand like three posts ago…but can you really blame me? You’d do the same if you were me—if you ran a blog based on sustainable fashion and had a top favorite brand that consistently released some of the most original, high quality, and affordable ethical pieces out there. Nomads Hemp Wear is slowly but surely taking over my closet…guilt free! As mentioned in several of my posts before about them, this Canadian brand has taken sustainable apparel and made it a lot more widely available for the masses. I don’t just mean in terms of affordability, but also in terms of style. Everything they create can be worn at festivals, street, out on the town or just to lounge around the house, and I feel it all brilliantly caters to a large range of tastes. Nomads Hemp Wear pieces may be super original and creative, but it also encapsulates a fairly minimal aesthetic. In a world where so many eco friendly brands are more about basic wardrobe essentials, these guys take it a very pleasing step further.

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Sale at Nomads Hemp Wear and Summer Vacation

Life has been pretty ridiculously busy lately (how does that seem to automatically happen as you get older? We may never really know) as I’m sure you’ve noticed, which has reduced my posts to about once a week. Every now and then, I still have to drop the ball due to life obligations, but I still love what this blog has brought me and having the platform to voice what is important to me: sustainable and eco-friendly fashion (and denim, of course), so I’m not going anywhere!! I just have to write when I can, nowadays. On that note, I’m finally leaving for another much-needed two-week vacation tomorrow! It’s been a year since my last one, when my husband and I rushed off to the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon to see the full solar eclipse and party our happy butts off with about 40,000 other hippies and hippies at heart. This year, we’re lucky enough to solidify our presence at Black Rock City…otherwise known as Burning Man! We are part of an established theme camp, Stellar Dusty Moon, and I’ll be one of the camp DJs. I also have a couple of opportunities to provide tunes elsewhere, including art cars! I can’t wait to experience this next level of free expression and “radical self reliance” in what’s meant to be a purely participatory culture (since it is pretty much a temporary city after all).

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New Ethical Bohemian Designs by ZhenNymph

Being exposed to the “transformational” or “conscious” festival circuit has opened me up to such an incredibly awesome new world of independent style. Many people know they should be shopping more sustainably, but aren’t quite sure where to look…and browsing through (and getting to know) the vendors at many of these events has gotten me accustomed to the true benefit of supporting some of these hard working artists—supporting small is always good, but it’s also about the quality (you can tell when there’s real love put into someone’s work), ethical nature (no sweat shops), and unique appeal (the creativity always blows me away)! I’m sure you’ve seen me pouring out my love for plenty of these particular designers over the years, but apart from specifics, this newfound knowledge has been a very useful lead in finding others that I may not find at festivals. One of them being ZhenNymph, one of my absolute favorites!

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Spring Summer 2018 from Nomads Hemp Wear is Here!

I usually do not include exclamation marks in my post titles…I’m not all that into sensationalism (and they aren’t the best for search engine optimization). However, I’m such a huge fan of this brand—I don’t think there’s any other seasonal release from any other that I look forward to with such excitement! I can’t even remember how I discovered Nomads Hemp Wear, but it’s been a sweet, sweet relationship between them and my wardrobe for several years now. Eco-friendly and sustainable apparel can be more on the expensive side, but this Canadian brand has almost revolutionized that market by doing everything they could to keep prices down while keeping their entire production fair trade, and everything is made with such amazing attention to quality and comfort, as well as unique, intricate detailing and prints. Their tops have been in several of my older denim reviews, such as this one and this one, and outfit posts like this one. Several other pieces of theirs I also wear at festivals, so I love how versatile their creations are! From parties to casual moments to the office or out on the town, they’ve basically got you covered. About seven days ago, they released their Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and (no surprise) I’ve already placed an order (that Demure Tank below, hello)!

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20 Unique Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts from Etsy

It can be quite hard to shop for moms…by that time in a woman’s life, she might be fairly particular and settled in her tastes and not quite feel the need for additional items around the house. Sometimes all that moms want is your company, which really is better than any gift! Jewelry, a card or flowers are always a given, but sometimes they can seem so cliché. Many people opt for DIY gifts, but how many of us have the time nowadays to craft something up? Mother’s Day is one of those times when a special, unique gift can go a long way. Personalization is a huge option, but where can you go for something emblazoned with a personal message that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I don’t know why Etsy is still often seen as simply a place where creative folks offer whatever crafts they deem special enough to purchase (which it kid of is, but..), because it’s seriously one of the best places to find quality items made with love to pass on to loved ones (or keep for yourself), that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve written several posts featuring this fun shopping destination, featuring Valentine’s Day gifts, leather tote bags, Etsy shops by friends, and some of my favorite general finds. I love supporting independent artists a whole lot more than huge chain stores or brands! So I decided to curate a post featuring 20 unique last minute Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy!

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