60% MOTHER Recycled Denim Capsule Collection by MOTHER

The sustainable movement continues on within the apparel industry (yessss), and seems to be ramping up exponentially every day! Many brands are seeking out more eco friendly raw materials such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, and several are looking within their own manufacturing processes themselves to clean up from the inside out, from reducing water and chemical usage to cutting down on waste. Recycling seems to be a growing practice as we start to realize the growing concern of limited resources and expanding landfills. I’m seeing so many brands recycling pre- and post-consumer waste recently and as much as I love sustainable raw materials, I’m absolutely stoked to see attention given to this area as well since we definitely need to pay attention to consumption itself. About twice a week or so, I’m seeing new brands or capsule collections from existing brands popping up featuring goods made from recycled materials, and the latest comes from one of the pioneers in denim, a collection aptly named 60% MOTHER.

MOTHER denim is widely known in the denim industry for their clean and timeless, well-fitting pieces, as well as their ability to branch out with unique collections expressing a spunky attitude at times. Their latest venture, 60% MOTHER, is a limited-edition collection made up of twenty-one totally creative garments made from pre- and post- consumer denim waste, all handmade in Los Angeles. Every item has its individual character due to the nature of salvaged materials, and various items were deconstructed to create them: “Repurposed shrink blankets were woven into uniquely patterned jumpsuits, while vintage men’s jeans were reimagined as distinctive women’s jackets.” There is definitely a great variety of items here, instead of all jeans, many created in unique patchwork designs. This collection includes a jacket, jumpsuit, skirt, dress, scarves, bags, a pair of skinny jeans, a western shirt, crewnecks and tees.

Several pieces have already been available, but some are dropping today, March 12th. Check back here if you are privy to something that hasn’t quite dropped yet! Here are my favorites from 60% MOTHER:

“60% MOTHER is a limited-edition capsule made of pre- and post-consumer waste. This capsule was handmade in Los Angeles, where the pieces were deconstructed and reimagined using excess fabric, damages and overstock mixed with vintage pieces from local rag houses.”

“The collection is a way for MOTHER to give discarded materials a second life…Due to the nature of the salvaged materials, each garment in the 21-piece capsule is unique and features its own characteristics.”

“The emphasis on patchwork showcases the ways fabric has been salvaged and given new life: Gradients of recycled blue highlight the whiskering and creasing of the original materials.”

“Made responsibly in Los Angeles.”

Shop the entire recycled denim capsule collection from 60% MOTHER, dropping today, March 12, here.

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