BLANKNYC Releases Sustainable Denim Collection

Yeah, I know, I just wrote about BLANKNYC it seems…although it’s been about a month and a half. It’s tough to not keep writing about your favorites when they continue to churn out such amazing work! I’m a huge fan of this brand because of their rebellious rock n’ roll attitude and edgy pieces with plenty of detail and flair, all at prices that won’t break your wallet. I’m also fond of them for their vegan leather pieces, which I always run for when I’m shopping in that category due to their high quality and durability (usually fake leather peels and cracks so soon and easily, resulting in a huge mess). It’s been satisfying seeing them as a great contender for vegan fashion, but I’m really excited right now to see them take their sustainability stance a bit further.

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, yes, BLANKNYC has finally stepped into the sustainable denim market! They just released a new collection made up of eight eye catching denim styles, from a bootcut to skinnies to crops shorts, with fun details like rips and released hems. All of these are created with organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and/or the Organic Content Standard 100 (OCS 100). They are also incorporating pre-consumer recycled cotton to reduce production waste, which also saves dye and water due to a reduced need for new dyeing processes.

But that’s not all…

Tencel™ lyocell is also a material BLANKNYC is using, which has long been used in the denim game due to its luxurious, stretchy feel. It also is made from raw wood and super eco-friendly, as it is sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Manufacturing it is a closed-loop process which uses less water and harmful waste. BLANKNYC is also recycling water used in the wash process which obviously saves water, but also helps stop the pollution of fresh water. In terms of detailing, whiskers, sanding and other vintage-like features are done with a laser technology to also avoid water and harmful chemicals use. An E-flow process bleaches down the denim for a stonewash look, transforming air to nano water bubbles that infuse chemicals into the fabrics to bleach them down. Ozone technology helps reduce pollution as well, reducing chemical use for bleaching. BLANKNYC is also rounding all of this up with EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring Software to analyze their efforts and help them improve their efforts towards a more sustainable manufacturing process.

I’m stoked to see more of my favorite brands working to becoming more responsible, especially the brands that market more to those who seek quality or premium apparel at a not so premium price! Click on any of the products and scroll down on the page to learn more about BLANKNYC’s sustainable efforts.

“Our organically sourced cotton has half the negative impact as the regular standard cotton. It is grown without harmful chemicals. It is good for the quality of soil and very good for the skin. We used certified organic cotton fiber for most of our sustainable denim because we understand that our environmental impact starts at raw material level.”

“Good for the Earth, even better for your closet”

Check out BLANKNYC’s sustainable denim collection here.

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